Monday, 2 December 2013

Corporate Vibes


Whatsup everybody! I bet you all thought that i had died and taken my musical treats with me, luckily for you I have just been finishing off my honours in Finance (I know, I know, It's super lame and boring), so I am now yours once again! I am back to provide you with a little slice of heaven every week, if heaven isn't your cup of tea then this can be your slice of paradise!

In some exciting news some brave person, decided that we who write this blog could have our radio show (Crazy right!? I mean, who in their right mind would let me talk on the radio??). So we are now live on air every Sunday from 1-4 pm on iwantmyradio (How cool is that name!). Our show is called the 'Sunday Stew' and if you would like to listen in, then go to and listen to the live stream.

Ok so enough about my lame stuff and onto the reason you are here, let the playlist begin...

1. Haerts - All The Days

You should know by now that I'm a real sucker for some good synth pop, throw in some gorgeously seductive and smooth female vocals and you will have to tear me away from the track! That's just what this track from 'Haerts' provides, some fantastic, 80's influenced synth-pop that will melt your heart as soon as the first chorus comes around. 'Haerts' are a Brooklyn based 5 piece indie band who's members originate from around the globe, Germans and Americans working together in a band is rather weird, or so I think. Go on and let Haerts soothe you right this instant!

2. Dent May - Born To Late

Next up we have something a little different for you to groove to. Dent May is one 2013's sounds of summer! His funk infused indie-pop is delightful to the ear and makes you groove despite the surroundings you find yourself in. When 'Born To Late' starts you will be wondering what the hell I'm on about but by the end of the first chorus you will be jiving along to the beat, by the time Dent starts singing in his falsetto voice your mind will be blown! This music video also happens to be one of my favourite ones of the year due to it's sheer awkwardness! Dent May is based in Oxford of the Mississippi variety and he has a collective called 'cats purring' so I am fully surprised that he has not taken over the Internet yet!

3. Snakadaktal - Hold on Tight

The third track on this week's playlist comes courtesy of 'Snakadaktal', I'm pretty sure that they came up with that name just to mess with bloggers like me, I already struggle with normal spelling! Ok back to the track, 'Hold on Tight' is a classic indie tune in the making, what makes it crazy is that it comes from a bunch of young Australian guys, it just has such a mature and well put together sound that defies their young age. Entrancing vocals, artfully used synth and harmonies that give me goosebumps meant that after one track I was hooked, add in the driving guitar and stellar beats and I fell in love. So you will most likely fall in love with this band in the next 4 minutes!

4. St Lucia - Call Me Up

How did I almost forget about St Lucia!? Right off the bat, these guys are my favourite new band of the second half of 2013, so be nice to them! I rate these guys so highly that I could have made a playlist one week just with their tracks in it! St Lucia's main man is actually South African! Jean-Philip Grobler was born in Joburg, spent his school career at the Drakensberg Boys Choir and then went overseas and moved around until he ended up as a Brooklyn-based music producer! St Lucia has all the right ingredients to go huge! The band is synth based with numerous artfully used instruments complementing the amazing vocal ability of the lead singer! Just go listen right now, I really cannot do them justice! Also go listen to the tracks 'elevate' and 'closer than this'.

5.  Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite

Oh yeah, this next track is a real treat for all you indie kids who pretend that you don't like to dance but you really do! 'Rock U Tonite' is one of those tracks that has the sickest drop ever! Like seriously, it's amazing and it's not EDM at all! The first time I played this for my mates there was a collective 'oooooooooooooh' as the beat dropped and my mates are notoriously hard to please! 'Wave Racer' is yet another Australian who is dropping sick as beats for us to party to! There must be something in the water over there is Australia!

That's all for this week guys! Thanks for stopping by! See you all soon!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One year already!?

Yo everybody! Welcome back to our little blog that we like to call home!

Do you know what I worked out the other day....we are a whole year old now!? How cool!! To be honest I'm quite surprised that we managed to get this far! One thing I did notice though, there are 52 weeks in a year but we have only had like 36 editions...yeah I missed a few weeks here and there!

Ok so my loyal stew'dents (That never gets old) I want to reward you for a year of returning to this blog by giving you a bumper edition! So there will be 10 tracks this week, I will even try to keep my write-ups short because I know that I can go on, and on and on and on sometimes!

Let the music begin...

1. London Grammar - Hey Now

London Grammar have to be one of the most hyped bands of 2013, and for good reason too! They manage to combine 'The xx' ambiance with Florence Welch'esqe vocals to create a sound that fills a room and gives me shivers every time! In this case minimalism really does the trick of creating a sound that will stick in your head for days afterwards! The 3 piece band really is from London and their debut album drops in a couple of weeks so go and grab it!

2. Beatenberg - Chelsea Blakemore

Oh yes, a little South African flavour for this playlist! I have posted a couple of other Beatenberg tracks before but this is by far their greatest track to date. Catchy, crisp, beautiful and artful all in equal doses; it really is a masterpiece by a band from Capetown! It isn't just me that thinks it is amazing, they have managed to get playlisted on numerous commercial radio stations in SA which is so so epic! Go have a listen!

3. Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite

This next track is something a little different. High energy and produced beats are on the cards but this track has something a little bit diferent, it manages to grab your attention with it's sneaky hooks and unexpected beats! I certainly fell inlove this Sydney native's track and so will you! I'm even grooving as I write this now!

4. Mr Little Jeans - Oh Sailor

As this track begins I wouldn't blame you for thinking that it was Lana Del Rey sneaking another song onto the market, however you would actually be wrong if you thought that! 'Mr Little Jeans' is the stage name for Monica Birkenes, a tiny Norweigan with a huge talent for making me bop my head, OK her real talent is making absolutely fantastic music that puts most pop out there today to shame! I'm gonna be honest, this tiny Norwegian's music is actually my guilty pleasure of the moment!

5. Mr Little Jeans - Runaway

OK fine I had to put another of her tracks in. I'm seriously losing any street cred I possibly had right now!

6. The Aztec Sapphire - The Instinct of Boyhood

Going from pop to extreme indie we find ourselves on the doorstep of the kids from The Aztec Sapphire! The Capetown locals have released their third single now, it is yet another concoction of ambiance, melodies and  instrumentals that combine to form something beautiful! I can't believe how good these guys are! Yoh they need to get their asses back to Durban to play a full gig now!

7. The National - Sea of Love

It's hard to find a more iconic indie band from the 2000's than The National. These Ohio lads have wowed audiences for years now and stolen the hearts of many a girl with their particular brand of indie art, I say art because their music could be an art form of its own. I love these guys, their music will always stay with me and I was so so stoked when they released this track earlier this year. No matter what you are doing, it somehow manages to make you stop and consider life as you listen to it!

8. Owl Eyes - Night Swim

Ooooh yeah, this song is so damn smooth! Yes that is the reaction that you get as you listen to this track. Owl Eyes aka Brooke Addamo can sing to me all day long...In fact I think I'd better fly over to Australia now to let her caress my senses! OK that got a little intense but that' the power that this song has. It is definitely worth a few hundred listens!

9. Franz Ferdinand - Right Action

I thought that this would be the right time to bring the mood back up with a sneaky little dose of the Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand! These guys have always fascinated me with their quirky beats and lyrics, they never do what you are expecting; a song will build up and nothing will happen and then 15 seconds later in the most random place they suddenly go huge! They certainly are fun and I for one am ecstatic that they have a new album on the way!

10. Kodaline - Love Like This

This week we end off with a new'ish track from Kodaline! You will probably remember them from a while back when I posted their amazing song that was so sad that I almost shed a tear? No? OK moving on then. This new track of theirs has a lot more joy to it and makes me think of Coldplay more and more with every listen! Ladies are going to openly love it and men will pretend they don't but secretly they won't mind at all when the girls play it! So yes the Dublin boys have made another winner of a track! Go listen and bring some joy to your life!

11. Dillon Francis feat Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Without You

You thought that it was all over didn't you!? Well think again because I couldn't leave you all without a birthday present! That present takes the form of a birthday song! I love me a little TEED and so will you after you listen to this cracker of a track! Sweet beats, kiff vocals and a hook that just keeps on going! Go get your dancing shoes on right this instant!

That's it for this birthday edition! Thanks to everyone for chilling out with us this year! We really dig bringing you new tracks to live your week too and if you have any that you want us to hear then send them on through!

Monday, 5 August 2013


Heyo people! Welcome back to The Weekly Stew (Damn that name is becoming misleading due to my laziness)!

This week we have some more spectacular tracks to make your first couple of weeks back at university or work so much easier! The last edition qas quite a somber affair so this week is going to be a little bit happier by neccesity!

Lets just get into the playlist...

1. Gangs of Ballet - Daydream

The Gangs boys are back and they have come out swinging hard, 'Daydream' is yet another anthemic masterpiece, the music is crisp and precise and beautifully orchestrated to bring maximum joy and sing-alongs with it. 'Daydream' is a slightly more chilled vibe from Gangs and as such it should reach a wider audience and gain them even more adoring fans, of which they have many already. These guys are mates of mine so I can truly say that they are absolute legends! You don't want to miss out on this song and video!

2. Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine

Ah I love the Arctic monkeys. Their debut album started my love affair with British Indie Music that lasts to this day! If you haven't listened to atleast a days worth of Arctic monekeys music then shame on you (Shaaaaame)! The next 2 tracks in this playlist are from their latest album and it sounds to me as if they have found their magic once again...Alex Turner is a genius lyricist and composer. End of Story. So go have a listen to the catchy riffs and spectacular vocals on these 2 tracks!

3. Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

4. Architecture In Helsinki - In The Future

Oh yesssss! AIC are back again! Their infectious beats full of happiness are here to delight us all day long! These guys are certain to brighten up any winters day! If you have read this blog beofre then you will know that I love these Melbourn'ians with a real passion! Their 80's-esqe pop is just utterly fantastic! This will most definitely brighten up your day!

5. Daft Punk - Lose Yourself To Dance

While the rest of the world carries on going crazy about 'Get Lucky' I have decided to move on to the rest of the new 'Daft Punk' album. Luckily I did or I would never have found the gem that is 'Lose Yourself To Dance'...This is one smooth number, full of deadly hooks and suave beats that make you really want to 'lose yourself to dance'...I may or may not have danced to this alone in my room unashamedly! So as the song says 'come on, come on, come on' and join the party!

Well sadly that's it for this edition of The Weekly Stew! See you all again real soon!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Blackened Hearts

Welcome back to blog that brings you the playlists to live your life by! This week we have gone for more of a moody, arty, chill'esqe vibe. We can't always have playlists overflowing with joy, sometimes we just need to sit and chill and look at our beautiful world, these 5 songs are the perfect companions for moments such as these.

1. Wild Nothing - Paradise

First up we have 'Wild Paradise', an indie-rock/Dream-pop band from Virginia in the USA. They formed in 2009 and have released 2 albums to critical acclaim. Their music is heavily snyth driven and brings a mood of 'who cares' along with it that just calms you down and puts you into the mood to chillout for hours on end. 'Paradise' takes you on a journey as only amazing tracks can. Synth and base combine to soothe you as the vocalist sings you into a daze.

2. Blaenavon - Into The Night

Next up we have one of my favourite songs of the moment, it's only a matter of time before these guys take off...their music is seriously spectacular. It has been put together with such precision and care that you can't help but admire their skill! This 3-piece have been together since October 2011 and I'm honestly astounded that their Facebook page only has 1900 likes so far. That just isn't right because the music these boys make is incredible. Just go listen and punt them and one day you can claim to have known about these guys before they became famous!

3. Cider Sky - We Are In Love

The next track is one of those youtube sleepers that are amazing and somehow make their way into the youtube sidebar for a ton of other videos. When I first clicked on this one I felt like I had struck gold, unlike many people I enjoy it when a guy and girl sing together in a band (eg 'Stars' and 'The xx'). I love the harmonies it creates and it is something different. This track is really special, soothing (This week's theme) and beautiful in equal measures. It has beautiful synth, artfully done drums and harmonies that will make many a girl shed a tear! Enjoy!

4. Angus Stone - Broken Brights

Many of you will be familiar with Angus Stone. The 27 year old Sydney native has been around for a few years and has another project with his sister called 'Angus & Julia Stone'. I am actually more of a fan of his solo stuff than the music he makes with his sister. 'Broken Brights' is the title track off his second solo album and, in my opinion, is a masterpiece of emotion and skill. It even has a slight Bob Dylan influence to to that just adds to it's coolness factor. Warning, this song will make you feel melancholic but go listen anyway!

5. Aztec Sapphire - Conflicted

At number 5 we have the gloriously sophisticated kids from 'The Aztec Sapphire'. You might remember them being featured on this blog a few months ago when their debut single was released. Since then they have gone onto bigger and better things with both the gigs they play and the music they make. 'Conflicted' is slightly more reasonable 5 and a half minutes long but yet again I never want the song to end. I cannot believe that they are South African, due to the fact that their music is so finely crafted that it makes many international mega-bands pale in comparison. 'Conflicted' is a drum driven song with mesmerizing synth and guitars added in to draw you in until the lead singer completes the package with his heartfelt lines. I was lucky enough to meet the band last week so I eagerly await to see where they go from here!


6. Polica - Tiff (Featuring Justin Vernon)

Just to make sure that you don't leave here all depressed I thought that I would add in a little bonus track for you all. This song is dark, like super dark, but at the same time it's addictive (Did I just describe most drugs?!). I just can't get it off my mind. For those of you who don't know, 'Polica' is an synthpop band from Minneapolis in USA, they often collaborate with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and make some hauntingly good music. The actual music video for the song is disturbing, like real torture scene disturbing, so I have used another video for this track!

That's it from me for this week. I promise that next week will be a happier affair so come back and join us next week!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Post-Exam Beat

Whatsup everybody!!

Yes yes I know that you have missed us just as much as we have missed you all, exams are over and the holidays have begun, as such the playlists will start flowing once more! This break in posting has lead to a huge backlog of amazing music for me to write about, that will please your ears and bring forth emotions that you scarcely knew you had.

It's almost festival season in South Africa, yes we do have such a thing, soon bands such as Alt-J, The Hives and Deftones will be gracing our shores. This makes me one happy man. Music is on the rise in our lovely country so lets embrace the fever!

Enough waffling from me for one week. Lets get the playlist going.

1. Lorde - Royals

This week's playlist starts off with my current guilty pleasure, I just cannot stop listening to this song even though I know it might kill my street cred (OK I may not have any cred to start off with). 'Lorde' is a 16 year old singer from New Zealand. 16 year olds are supposed to be lazy, like me, but she seems to have bucked the trend. She is the new Kimbra (Huge crush there) and as such she is destined to go far. 'Royals' is as smooth as it is catchy, a subdued beat with crisp yet seductive vocals draws you in as you find yourself singing along to 'We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams'. I love it. Just go and listen now!

2. Vance Joy - Riptide

Second this week we have 'Vance Joy', a folk-pop (Another one) sensation from Melbourne, which is co-incidentally my favourite city in the world. 'Riptide' is a song that just rolls on into your heart, a catchy beat and stunning vocals makes this track a dainty desert that is sure to delight your ears. Any man who can sing about 'Michelle Pfeiffer' and still sound this good has to be talented! It has a pretty rad music video which completes the package!

3. A Silent Film - Cuckoo Song

Next up we turn to the band that could be mistaken for 'The Killers' or 'Coldplay' on any random day. 'A Silent Film' are an alternative 4-piece from Oxford in the UK. 'Cuckoo Song' is a piano and synth driven ballad with slight rock overtones. I hope that made sense to somebody! This song just feels pure. Simple as that. It has no bells and whistles but manages to be powerful all the same. As the song reaches a crescendo it brings joy with it in no small measure!

4. Al Bairre - We Move On

It almost feels as if an edition of The Weekly Stew is not complete without a track from the outrageously good looking kids from Al Bairre. 'We Move On' is one of my favourites from these Cape Town city slickers. They have managed to create a sound that is both fun (Hells yeah) and meaningful, by this I mean that the song actually sticks with you after you listen to it, unlike a Nickelback song that just makes you want to get your ears removed. The only question now is why they haven't visited Durban yet...Here's looking at you Nic! The music video for this masterpiece even makes throwing food look like a great idea, so check it out right now!

Blogger is making me very angry because it won't let me put up the new music video for this song. So just follow this link to get it...

5. Cayucas - Cayucos

This week's playlist is ended off with a special little feel good track from Santa Monica's own favourite sons 'Cayucas'. This is an indie-pop track that just exudes unbridled joy with every dreamy line and harmony. This track could almost be defined as being surf-pop because it just makes me think of a lazy summer's day chilling out on the beach. If you need a pick-me-up then this track is definitely the one for you!

That's it for this week's playlist! Thanks for stopping by! See you again next week, I promise that it will actually be next week this time, for another epic playlist!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Negotiorum gestatio

Hey you, yes you, you good-looking human-being! Welcome back to The Weekly Stew!

I trust that you have all been well...better than me at least  I sometimes give out free advice on this blog and today is one of those occasions; do not study finance and especially don't do your honours in kinda takes all your free time away, not fun at all! All i want to do is listen to music and write on here but I always have something due for varsity!

But yes I have found time to write another edition and i am super stoked about that (how's that little bit of alliteration there, you would think that I was almost an English student).

So yeah let's get it on!

1. Kings Of Leon - Always The Same (Live)

This week Kings Of Leon played the first track off their new album for the first time. It's heavy and amazing, like 'live version sounded amazing' good, so I included the video for it as my first track in this week's playlist!

2. Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr Quiche

The first time I heard thins song I well and truly fell in love  if any song can make you see and feel beauty then its this one, lightly done syth and a beat that eventually takes your breath away! It could even be described as 'Empire Of the Sun' with a hip-hop influenced background. The band that brings this masterpiece to us is a little known trio from the city of angels (LA) who have been on facebook for less than 2 years but have been making music together for over 14 year...sheesh!

3. Shortstraw - Bikini Weather

Next up we have some local lads who have just been dominating the South African gigging scene as they support the release of their debut album. 'Shortstraw' are raw, fun, unique and utterly joyful! They are one of the bands that you can't help but have a good time listening too! I've seen them twice in the past month or so and I loved every minute of their performances! They have a indie-pop-rock'ish vibe that definitely has a very South African flavour. I almost forgot to mention that you can buy their debut album and pay what you like for it if you follow this link,, so go on and support this great local band! The youtube video wouldn't load so you guys get the soundcloud version instead!


Oh and their new music video got released today so go and have a watch and listen on youtube! (Blogger being lame again so I can't put it on here). It's called "Good Morning, Sunshine" so get on that!

4. The 1975 - chocolate

'The 1975' are back on this blog again with their alternative Manchester rock! Apart from the fact that I can't understand a single word in this song it's fantastic! Great groove and tone on the lead singer's voice! Go on and enjoy!

5. Glass Towers - Tonight

The final track this week comes from some Australian indie kids who have been providing us with delectable tracks since the summer of 2008! Their music just has a serene quality to it that makes you stop and take notice, they have also managed to create a sound that is full but feels light on the ears! Yeah I will stop now by saying that its an epic track from a great band!

That's it for this playlist! I hope that you enjoyed it! See you all again soon!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's Blitz

Hey everybody! It's Stu back again, I've been away for a little while scouring the Internet for some more delectable tracks for you all to savour. I do believe that I have found some real stunners for this week's edition! There have been issues with the poll for the last couple of weeks, Blogger is letting me down, so we aren't going to have a poll this week, rather just comment with your favourite track so i can tally it all up!

Lets start with track number 1...

1. Major Lazer - Get Free

We start this week off with a warm up that is certain to be easy on the ears. 'Major Lazer' provides us with this beauty of a track, Major Lazer is just about the hottest and hippest name in music right now, after just tearing up Coachella (Yes we all wish that we were there) their name is on the lips of all the people who really matter in the music industry. 'Major Lazer' is Diplo's latest incarnation and See's him making a blend of Electro and Jamaican Dance-hall which is as easy on the ears as a good pudding is for the stomach. Enjoy the great beats and hauntingly good vocals on this one!

2. !!! - One Girl/One Boy

Yes, I have no idea how to pronounce that band name either! All I know is that this band is about as funky as you can get...From the first chord the funk begins and it doesn't stop till well after the song has actually finished because the funk stays with you...that is how funky this band are!

3. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

The French boys are back!!! Oh yes it has taken 8 years for the genius of Daft Punk to be heard on an album! Finally we get to enjoy their beats once more...Their first single features the genius of Pharrell on vocals and at around 2:20 the songs goes to a whole new level! It makes me want to go and dance in the road under the streetlights.  I can't dance so that is a big thing! Yeeeeooow time to 'Get Lucky'.

4. Cold War Kids - Something Is Not Right With Me

Cold War Kids are the epitome of American Indie. They have won over audiences with album after album of fantastic tracks which just force you to get on your feet and sing along! 'Something Is Not Right With Me' comes from their 2008 album 'Loyalty To Loyalty' and is one of my favourite tracks of theirs....It also helps that the music video for it features  bunch of guys setting stuff on fire, that's always a winner! 

5. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Gold Lion

Where to start with the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'?? I guess that I can begin by saying that 'Karen O' is a goddess of indie really, she is utterly ridiculously spectacular as a leading lady! The band has been around since 2000 and has released 4 albums to favourite is 'show your bones' which was released in 2006, the single 'Gold Lion' comes from this album! Oh wow is it a track and a half, a stirring drumbeat and vocals to give you shivers...just go listen and adore!

That's for this edition! See you all again soon! Don't forget to comment with your favourite track of the week and why! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Attack of the Matt

Welcome back everybody!

The long wait for a new post is definitely worth it because we have a guest writer this week! This guest is none other than the fantastic Mr Matt Hardy! He is one seriously talented writer who just happens to have a great, actually superb taste in music! 

So here goes Matt...

I find it amusing that I've been asked to do a Weekly Stew. This seems like a place that people come to sample some of the more gorgeous things extracted from the music world. Since I’m not in the vanguard of such exploits, it wouldn't be smart to entertain any thoughts that suggest I’m some kind of machine in these fields – not that you ever would. What you find here will probably resemble, at best, a modest gem stone and not a diamond. The good news is that there are diamonds, and that, even if this is a grubby gem stone, it still shines pretty bright – at least to me.

Music is medium, and that’s why we love it. The following is a mix of tracks that are fresh, vibey and vintage. Tracks that I find myself streaming on Youtube way too much, trying to learn on guitar, and singing until they’re dead. Enjoy!

1. Vampire Weekend – Step 

So, Vampire Weekend have dropped two new songs from their forth coming album, which unfortunately also has the word vampire in it –a pity. Certainly though, this song is delicious and mouth-watering and flavoursome and pleasant in all material (and emotional) respects.

2. The Strokes – Slow Animals

The strokes make me want to be a groove master. This track is from their new album, and it doesn't feel right to put just one of the songs up. You really should listen to the whole thing to vibe it properly, so please – listen to it!

3. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines 

She’s got stickers on her locker! And the boys’ numbers there in magic marker!

...aaaaand here is a live version because Jack White is best heard at full volume from 5 metres away!

4. Guards – Not Supposed To 

Guards are another fun, catchy, pseudo-alternative creation of the 2013th year, keeping consistent with our first teen experiences as a millennium. It makes sense that we’d be going through something of an awkward stage in general doesn’t it? This is a sick song though, from what I’m sure is a radical album!

5. Arcade Fire – Modern Man 

For the last song I thought I’d drop the masters. It’s helpful every now and then to restore a bit of perspective in these matters. Lately bands have been trying hard. And so, just in case we fall for all the horseplay around, we should remember to test it all in a purer light. Yeeesssssssssa!

Well that was Matt's great was that!? Yeow! See you all again next week for another edition of The Weekly Stew! Don't forget to vote for your favourite track!