Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's Blitz

Hey everybody! It's Stu back again, I've been away for a little while scouring the Internet for some more delectable tracks for you all to savour. I do believe that I have found some real stunners for this week's edition! There have been issues with the poll for the last couple of weeks, Blogger is letting me down, so we aren't going to have a poll this week, rather just comment with your favourite track so i can tally it all up!

Lets start with track number 1...

1. Major Lazer - Get Free

We start this week off with a warm up that is certain to be easy on the ears. 'Major Lazer' provides us with this beauty of a track, Major Lazer is just about the hottest and hippest name in music right now, after just tearing up Coachella (Yes we all wish that we were there) their name is on the lips of all the people who really matter in the music industry. 'Major Lazer' is Diplo's latest incarnation and See's him making a blend of Electro and Jamaican Dance-hall which is as easy on the ears as a good pudding is for the stomach. Enjoy the great beats and hauntingly good vocals on this one!

2. !!! - One Girl/One Boy

Yes, I have no idea how to pronounce that band name either! All I know is that this band is about as funky as you can get...From the first chord the funk begins and it doesn't stop till well after the song has actually finished because the funk stays with you...that is how funky this band are!

3. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

The French boys are back!!! Oh yes it has taken 8 years for the genius of Daft Punk to be heard on an album! Finally we get to enjoy their beats once more...Their first single features the genius of Pharrell on vocals and at around 2:20 the songs goes to a whole new level! It makes me want to go and dance in the road under the streetlights.  I can't dance so that is a big thing! Yeeeeooow time to 'Get Lucky'.

4. Cold War Kids - Something Is Not Right With Me

Cold War Kids are the epitome of American Indie. They have won over audiences with album after album of fantastic tracks which just force you to get on your feet and sing along! 'Something Is Not Right With Me' comes from their 2008 album 'Loyalty To Loyalty' and is one of my favourite tracks of theirs....It also helps that the music video for it features  bunch of guys setting stuff on fire, that's always a winner! 

5. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Gold Lion

Where to start with the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs'?? I guess that I can begin by saying that 'Karen O' is a goddess of indie really, she is utterly ridiculously spectacular as a leading lady! The band has been around since 2000 and has released 4 albums to favourite is 'show your bones' which was released in 2006, the single 'Gold Lion' comes from this album! Oh wow is it a track and a half, a stirring drumbeat and vocals to give you shivers...just go listen and adore!

That's for this edition! See you all again soon! Don't forget to comment with your favourite track of the week and why! 

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