Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Negotiorum gestatio

Hey you, yes you, you good-looking human-being! Welcome back to The Weekly Stew!

I trust that you have all been well...better than me at least  I sometimes give out free advice on this blog and today is one of those occasions; do not study finance and especially don't do your honours in kinda takes all your free time away, not fun at all! All i want to do is listen to music and write on here but I always have something due for varsity!

But yes I have found time to write another edition and i am super stoked about that (how's that little bit of alliteration there, you would think that I was almost an English student).

So yeah let's get it on!

1. Kings Of Leon - Always The Same (Live)

This week Kings Of Leon played the first track off their new album for the first time. It's heavy and amazing, like 'live version sounded amazing' good, so I included the video for it as my first track in this week's playlist!

2. Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr Quiche

The first time I heard thins song I well and truly fell in love  if any song can make you see and feel beauty then its this one, lightly done syth and a beat that eventually takes your breath away! It could even be described as 'Empire Of the Sun' with a hip-hop influenced background. The band that brings this masterpiece to us is a little known trio from the city of angels (LA) who have been on facebook for less than 2 years but have been making music together for over 14 year...sheesh!

3. Shortstraw - Bikini Weather

Next up we have some local lads who have just been dominating the South African gigging scene as they support the release of their debut album. 'Shortstraw' are raw, fun, unique and utterly joyful! They are one of the bands that you can't help but have a good time listening too! I've seen them twice in the past month or so and I loved every minute of their performances! They have a indie-pop-rock'ish vibe that definitely has a very South African flavour. I almost forgot to mention that you can buy their debut album and pay what you like for it if you follow this link,, so go on and support this great local band! The youtube video wouldn't load so you guys get the soundcloud version instead!


Oh and their new music video got released today so go and have a watch and listen on youtube! (Blogger being lame again so I can't put it on here). It's called "Good Morning, Sunshine" so get on that!

4. The 1975 - chocolate

'The 1975' are back on this blog again with their alternative Manchester rock! Apart from the fact that I can't understand a single word in this song it's fantastic! Great groove and tone on the lead singer's voice! Go on and enjoy!

5. Glass Towers - Tonight

The final track this week comes from some Australian indie kids who have been providing us with delectable tracks since the summer of 2008! Their music just has a serene quality to it that makes you stop and take notice, they have also managed to create a sound that is full but feels light on the ears! Yeah I will stop now by saying that its an epic track from a great band!

That's it for this playlist! I hope that you enjoyed it! See you all again soon!

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