Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quantitative Chords

Whatsup everybody! You good things you! I hope that whatever situation you find yourself in this week's post manages to brighten your day somewhat! Apologies that this post is a little late, I fully take the blame, you can punish me by voting for your favorite track off this week's list! The favorite track of last week seemed to be the one from Kodaline, glad you guys enjoyed that! Well, I had to wake up at 5:45am this morning to take the rest of my family to the airport to go on holiday while I have to sit and study this week, but writing this post has already improved my mood so damn much! I'm excited, its a new week, there is new music to hear and new people to meet!

As I drove home today I suddenly realised what a big role music plays in the world, it acts as a unifying force through strife, it can bring tears of joy to people's eyes at the pure beauty of it, music touches souls like no other medium on Earth, that makes me feel so privileged to be able to write about this magnificently beautiful medium for communication and joy around the world! I find it so rad that I am able to go from studying finance at university, where everything is factual and number based, to being creative and writing about what I really love, that is good music for those who don't know it yet (You better learn fast cause you are on the blog where I write a lot).

Well that's just about enough sentimental stuff from me for today

1. Japandroids - The House that Heaven Built

We start off this week's playlist with a future rock anthem, it hasnt left my head for the past few months so I'm passing that burden on to you now. The band that provides us with this epic track is 'Japandroids', contrary to popular belief these guys arent Japanese androids (I have no idea why people thought that). 'Japandroids' is in fact a Canadian garage rock duo who hail from the beautiful city of Vancouver. These lads have been around since 2006 but really caught my attention with the release of their second album earlier this year, they have managed to combine some sweet sounding riffs with vocals that just seem to fit right in, their music just feel's right to me. They seem to know exactly what they want to sound like and they have manged to fulfill their desired sound, which is rather fantastic! It's hard to believe now but these guys really battled to get a gig in their local music scene when they first started, so they put on their own rad is that?! It's something that a lot of local bands should try to emulate instead of complaining about lack of opportunities all the time! Its time to get some epic garage rock in your life so go have a listen.

2. Haim - Forever

Where to start with Haim?? Suffice to say that they are the sound of summer. Haim are marvelous, they are 3 sisters from Los Angeles who play a self proclaimed blend of "nu-folk-meets-90's-pop". Oh boy do they play it well, I can't help but get a little smile when listening to them spin their musical weaves! The sisters have created quite a buzz this year and have already toured with Mumford and Sons and the king, Mr Julian Casablancas (Of The Strokes fame). They are set to tour with Florence and the Machine in Europe this December so look out for Haim to be dominating the airwaves on a radio station near you soon! 'Forever' is their breakout track, it is a masterpiece of summer music magic with sweeping melodies and upbeat instrumentals. Enjoy!

3. Everything Everything - Cough Cough

The third track this week comes from a British Indie rocker quartet that currently reside in Manchester. Unlike most of their contempories these gents are all highly educated with degrees in music from various institutions around England, I mention this because I too am studying like a complete nerd for my exams at the moment and feel a connection to these guys for that very reason. I more importantly love how these guys manage to change up the script with every track they put together, it is really refreshing to constantly be challenged by a band! 'Cough Cough', (yes that is a song name, these guys seem to like working in doubles), is my favorite track of theirs, it starts reasonably normally and then 30 seconds in it goes mental. It's just so rad what they have done, you have to listen to it yourself, I cannot do it justice with my words, even though I am a poet of high repute (sarcasm for those that missed it). So go enjoy these 'Art Rockers' (Yes I may have made that one up).

4. The Medics - Griffin

Coming in at number 4 we have 'The Medics', don't worry this isn't the band from the TV show 'Scrubs' and it doesn't feature 'McSteamy' (sorry girls). 'The Medics' are in fact another Australian prodigy, they hail from Cairns in Queensland and have been delighting audiences since 2007 with their dynamic dreamy alternative rock and have played some major festivals in Australia. 'The Medics' have managed to create a real anthemic quality to their music which really drew me in, I just wanted to hear more. In this particular track they start off with some crisp and slightly different vocals that lead in to an epic chorus full of synth and driving guitars, its a combination that got them to number 29 on the Australian music charts. I expect big things from these boys in the coming years!

5. Kite Rider - Thump

We end this week with a local band that has been turning heads and making people take serious note of them over the past few months. The band has some big names within their ranks, the band is fronted by ex-Cassette vocalist Jon Savage who leads the band with his amazingly unique and powerful voice. The band also contains another ex-Cassette'ian/ite/stine/er and two gents from HHP. All in all it's a little bit of a South African super-group. They are living up to their hype as they made some music that really gets the hips moving. The combination of clean vocals (well written as well), some smooth guitar work and some rather delectable bass lines makes Kite Rider a band to look out for in SA. I am excited to see what they bring in the coming months and I eagerly await their first trip to Durban!

Thats it for this week's post! Apologies again that it's a little late, we know how much you need your fix of stew on a Monday! Till next week! Don't Forget to vote!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Like Walking On Fire

Hello and welcome back to the thirteenth edition of The Weekly Stew! I predict that the thirteenth edition will be extra lucky for us, I may be slightly biased in my analysis though. As of last week Tuesday we now have a Facebook page, yes we are that cool and no, I will not sign your computer screen. So go and like the FB page and your life might become just that much better. You would be surprised at how many people think this blog is about food, I have no idea why...we were even sent an invite to a foodie event to review it, lets just put it straight, this is a blog about music and nothing else!

Last week's voting had the result that 'Kings of Convenience'and 'The Augustines' were tied for favorite track, seems that you guys couldn't decide which was better either! The poll is on the top right-hand side of the page if you were battling to find it, remember to vote this week!

This week we have a kaleidoscope of music for you, there is no real theme except that these are all tracks which have got me loving life and they will hopefully do the same for you as we come into this hard time of the year where exams are written and deadlines are coming thick and fast!

1. Jake Bugg - Two Fingers

The first track this week comes from Jake Bugg, an 18 year old from Nottingham with precocious talent, OK I'm pretty sure that precocious fits in here but don't shoot me if it's wrong (It just sounds really cool). Jake plays a combination of folk and country and his voice reminds me of early Oasis mixed with some Beatles. It is thus needless to say that he sounds amazing, the combination of jangling guitar and his pure voice leads to a sound that is both fulfilling and inspiring. With a number 1 album behind him already and some great festival slots Mr Bugg is well on his way to success. What really comes through in his music is his love for music as a way to express his emotions. 'Two Fingers' really is a soulful number, as many of this week's tracks are. The music video for the song tells the story of how alcohol can ruin families in so many ways. Sit back, relax and let Jake minister to you today!

2. The Bamboos - I got Burned

Oh boy do I have a treat for you today, coming all the way from Australia we have a soulful and funky delight for you to partake in! Enter 'The Bamboos'...these Melbourne locals have been around since the year 2000 (so they are old by music terms). They claim to have 9 members so are more of a collective than a band, imagine keeping 9 musicians happy on a tour!? That would be hell! These guys were suggested to me by my dear brother-in-law Mr Chris Logie, he was desperate for a credit after I gave my sister one last week so I decided to throw him one like a good brother would do! 'I Got Burned' has kept me coming back for listen after listen due to the very soul of the song, it just gets to actually feel the groove of the beat and then the vocals come in and you go like 'oooohhh aaaaahhh yeeeeeah this is smooth'. I can't help but feel like I need to put on a dinner jacket and head out to get a cigar after listening to this particular number, 'Badass Stu' on the loose. Go get your groove on!

3. Kodaline - All I want

This one is probably going to be loved by the ladies more than the men in public but in private I think a few men may shed a tear or two as they listen to this song. 'Kodaline' are a quartet from Dublin so they possess that Irish accent that girls the world over go crazy for. These guys sound very much like Coldplay did in their early days. Before you abuse me I'm not saying that they are the next Coldplay, i'm just saying that they sound a little like them. They have some smooth vocals and some soothing melodies. What really drew me to them was the combination of the song and video for 'All I Want'. On it's own the song is sad enough, but along with the amazing video it is a real tear-jerker, I may or may not have had a little sniffle while watching the video for the first time. I won't make you wait any longer to enjoy the pureness of this combination so go on and have your tissues ready!

4. The Crookes - Backstreet Lovers

What would an edition of The Weekly Stew be without some British Indie Rockers in the lineup?? Well 'The Crookes' are here to cheer you up again after Kodaline sobered you up five minutes ago. These boys have been around since 2008 and are based in Sheffield, their name is actually taken from a suburb in Sheffield called 'Crookes (Big surprise there right?). They have long been touted as the next big thing in British music but for some reason they just haven't kicked on from their initial album. They have been described as playing a fusion of heartbreaking melodies inspired by 50's and 60's pop music - a great description that comes from NME itself (So I don't just make all of this stuff up). All I know is that the lead singer has a great voice, the guitarists write some rad riffs and the band as a whole creates some blissful music that manages to brighten up even a dreary day! A South African band from Cape Town called Al Bairre (who we featured a couple posts back) actually reminds me of The Crookes quite a bit, go find them on Facebook and support a local band!

5. The Preatures - Take a Card

This week's Stew is ended off by a blend of Gothic Soul and Rock n' Roll (wow that really rolls of the tongue). This blend is brought to you by 'The Preatures', the Sydney locals have been around since 2010 and have recorded two stellar EP's in that time period! The band is characterised by the strong yet seductive vocals that are belted out by the lead singer and these are supported by the growling guitar riffs that appear throughout their material. 'Take a Card' is a gloriously uplifting track, it starts off with some well chosen chords on the guitars and keys and develops throughout the song until the chorus is a veritable joyous occasion where the two singers voices work so well together. They are ably supported by some catchy rhythms that originate from the band behind them. This track is definitely one of my favorites of the last few months, I trust that it will be a soundtrack to your coming week as well!

That's all for the thirteenth edition of The Weekly Stew so I hope that you enjoyed this week's offering. Don't forget to vote for your favorite and find us on Facebook! Till next week then!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Blueberry Pancakes

I'm back! After a wonderful week of music from Doyal, who so graciously filled in for me, I am back to bring you your latest serving of Stew. Are you excited? Well I'm excited and thats all that really counts! There should be a celebration this week, not only because The Weekly Stew is back but also because the Parlotones are moving away, all the way to far, far-away America. That's just about the best news for the South African music scene I have heard in ages! Before I get into this week's shenanigans I have one last thing to say...if you enjoy this blog then I suggest you listen to Jon Savage's radio show on 5fm on Thursday nights, easily the best show on South African radio at the moment!

Since Doyal took you guys all the way to old school rock 'n roll last week I thought I would head towards the antithesis (good word right? Look it up cause it's cool) of that and bring you guys a few of my favorite chilled out, acoustic-ish type bands. They're the types of bands that you can study to, fall asleep to, chill by the pool to, or learn to sword-fight to. Ok the last one was a lie, but it could be pretty rad?

Let the funky music begin...

1. Tom Odell - Another Love

Tom Odell is a ridiculously amazing musician that I think is gonna be huge in the future. He has been wowing audiences around England this year with his unique blend of caressed piano playing and fiery, passionate vocals. It's a combination that instantly grabs your attention and makes you fall in love. Ok maybe it might only be the women who like blonde, skinny, Englishmen who will be falling in love (So most of the readers of this blog then). I first heard 'Another Love' last week while doing my usual scope of the latest tracks on the internet and instantly loved it. The song starts off just like any other piano ballad but progresses into so much more, there is a passion in his voice that is just so pure and full of fire that it pulls you into the music. That's why it easily made it onto the blog this week!

2. Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

The second track this week comes from the legends themselves, the 'Kings of Convenience', I call them legends because they come from Norway and as we have ascertained before on this blog, Norwegians are amazing! I was first introduced to this indie-folk-pop duo by my dear sister, I call her dear because I love her for it. KOC have been on rotation in my car since I got my license. They really are royalty in this genre, their unique vocals and use of various instruments sets them apart as they create a veritable symphony of joy and relaxation in their songs. I found it so so hard to choose just one of their songs for you to listen to as they have 3 full albums worth of winners but I chose this one because of its rad music video which won best European music video in 2004, so go on and enjoy my Norwegian boys! (Little bit creepier than it sounded in my head but just go with it)

3. We Are Augustines - Chapel Song

We are Augustines are fresh. That's the first thing you need to know. The second thing you need to know is that they are fantastic. These Indie rockers are based out of Brooklyn in New York but they grew up in Detroit, all the band members were born in August so they decided to name themselves 'We are Augustines'. I guess that makes sense in a weird way. This band first came onto my radar last year when my other sister sent them my way. How amazing are my sisters?! The lead singer's voice is very different, different in a good way, its raspy nature manages to convey the pure passion that his lyrics expose as he talks you through his life. It also helps that they have some super catchy beats in the background. 'Chapel Song' is my favorite song of theirs, it tells the story of how the lead singers 'girl' is walking down the aisle in the chapel and how he reacts. The music video may or may not contain numerous couples pulling in while the band walks down the have been warned.

4. The Whitest Boy Alive - 1517

Contrary to popular belief this isn't a band full of ginger men, 'The Whitest Boy Alive' is fronted by one half of the duo that is 'Kings of Convenience', crazy right? Well you can instantly hear his vocals coming through as you groove to the chilled out beats provided by these white boys! The band met and formed in the mid 2000's in Berlin and have released two successful studio albums. You may even recognize this track from Fifa 2010, if you do then you obviously play far too much Fifa and you may be getting towards being The Whitest Boy Alive yourself! Sadly these guys don't seem like they are going to release anything new anytime soon so go on and partake in some musical dessert while it's here!

5. Fink - Pretty Little Thing

The final track this week comes from one of my favorite artists. Mr Fin Greenall (aka Fink), is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist,  producer and DJ who hails from beautiful Cornwall where the lanes are narrow and the women can actually drive. Fink plays a combination of blues, folk, acoustic-indie music and boy does he play it well. Fink is a proven cure for a hangover or headache, his moody melodies and artfully plucked chords on the guitar soothe you into a calm state of mind that prevails only as long as Fink keeps crooning into your ear. He is my drug of choice during exams and I recommend him to you aswell! I again found it hard to choose a single track of his to play for you guys but after chatting to a few of my mates I settled on this one, it is a winner! It's the type of track that makes grown men cry at its beauty and gets women to actually consider dating a ginger, although that last one wasn't very realistic. If you like it then please go listen to his other tracks, the title of this week's post actually comes from another one of his songs!

See you all again next week Monday!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pizza and Beer

Yes please! Weekly Doyal time again! I hope that everybody has had a wonderful holiday whether it was last week or the one before, either way it’s over now and no-one really cares. Move on. This week is old school week. It’s the time when we   show you what you’ve missed out on cause you probably weren’t alive, or you were too young to pay attention to grown up things like music or taxes or what time the news is on. Anyways! This list hasn’t been taken off of Rolling Stone top 5 or Bono’s iPod’s most played list or anything. This is my top 5 old school songs that I think made an impact on the music business scene (Van Morrison reference, use it, don’t use it), both as songs as well as bands. So crank your volumes, close your doors, maybe hook up your aux cables to a sweet old boom box or something cause we going back in time baby!!

1. Radiohead – Paranoid Android

Not my favourite Radiohead song by a long shot, but I felt that this song carried enough importance to trump quality. Radiohead, the band of bands. If you have never heard of Radiohead then please get off your chair, walk around your computer and pull out the big fat cable that gives it life (or pull out your phone battery, whateverwhatever it’s poetic license). When I first started getting into my music, and it was time that I spent my own money on an album, an older friend of mine told me that if there was one album that everyone in the world should own, it was this one (OK Computer). So I bought it, obviously. I can still remember sitting on my bed listening to this album on repeat for about 3 hours straight, trying to soak it all in. Radiohead have influenced so many huge bands it’s scary. Coldplay, Muse, Travis and recently Alt-J, all list Radiohead as a primary influence. So listen to this song, then go and buy/download Radiohead’s discography and live a fuller life.

2. Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song

Here, we start getting a lot more old school, moving into the 60’s and 70’s. Growing up, before I had the incentive to spend my own money on any albums, I just listened to whatever music my parents had lying around. There were about 2 or 3 years where the only two albums I ever listened to was Led Zeppellin – Remastered and The Best of The Doors. When I started playing guitar I pretty much modeled myself on the electric guitarist, Jimmy Page (If I’m honest I still do), and made it a personal mission to learn every one of the 26 songs on the Zeppelin album. I found it really difficult to find a song that rounds these guys as a band, this is the best I could do so I suggest you go listen to couple more afterwards for some clarity!

3. Jimmy Hendrix – Bold As Love

You probably thought this song was a John Mayer song right? Wrong!! Do not pass go! Do not collect 200 dollars!! If you’ve heard of Hendrix then I don’t have to start a whole essay about what a crazy guitarist he was and how influential his style was. I mean let’s be real John Mayer covered him on one of his most successful albums (and not just one song either “Wait Until Tomorrow” was another as well as “The Wind Cries Mary” from Mayer’s other album “Room For Squares”). I’ve attempted to learn this song multiple times but I end up giving up after the first couple bars every time. It’s almost as if he improvises the whole song, but does exactly the same thing every time he plays it. Nothing really repeats itself. Genius!

4. The Rolling Stones – I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)

I feel like I might be selling out by featuring this song, just because if I mention the Stones, this is the only song that people know, and this blog is meant to educate! But this song is that cool. It was voted the number 2 song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine (sounds biased though?). The Stones are one of the only bands from their time where the members are all still alive, despite the fact that they all look like dinosaurs. Keith Richards, the electric guitarist, has an autobiography that reveals a lot about their lives that everyone already knew, but like to hear again. He is still so cooked on drugs, that for 2 years he thought Johnny Depp was a drug dealer. The actor was good friends with the rocker’s son and he says that eventually “one day he was at dinner and I'm like "Woah, Scissorhands." Depp say’s that Keith Richards is the inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, and Richard’s even played Jack Sparrows father in the third film.

5. The Who – Who Are You?

I want Roger Daltrey’s hair. The lead singer from The Who has a mane of glorious proportions. It’s not just the fact that there’s a lot of hair, it’s that it so quaft yet so rock ‘n roll at the same time. These guys are pretty crazy (also cooked on drugs, like every single band I’ve featured here). When I say crazy though, I mean destructive, mental, instrument- destroying, reckless crazy. The drummer, Keith Moon, is probably the most loopy musician I’ve ever heard of. On his Wikipedia page, there is an entire section called “Destroying instruments and other antics”, which is actually a very enjoyable read Moon the Loon. Pete Townshend (guitarist) recalls that Moon “once drove his car through the glass doors of a hotel, driving all the way up to the reception desk, got out and asked for the key to his room.”

Bonus: The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Ah! You didn’t think I would get through an old school week without featuring the most successful band in history?! Well I didn’t. I feel like anything I say about The Beatles will be preaching to the choir, so I’m not going to say too much. I hadn’t heard this song until I was watching an episode of Mad Men (series set in the 60’s) and the main character leaned over and let this track rip on his sweet vinyl player. When I googled the episode to find out what song it was, I discovered that it holds the record for the most cash money paid for one song to be featured on one episode. Apparantly paying anything over $100 000 for a song is unheard of, but Mad Men agreed on a casual $250 000 for this song. It is one of the only times that one of The Beatles has ever been featured on TV.

Thanks for sticking around, and hope you enjoyed the different post this week. 

“I’m not God but if I were God, ¾ of you would be girls, and the rest would be pizza and beer.”
Axl Rose of Guns n Roses - 1989

Monday, 1 October 2012


Its Monday and as usual there is only one thing for you to look forward to...Stew time!! This week we have actually managed to get the new post out on time, which is a momentous occasion all on it's own. The new voting system will be here from this week, I may have forgotten to put it in last week (my bad), so vote for your favourite track of the week and let us know if you like what we are doing! This is our 10th edition which we are proud about (yeah you should be proud of us as well), so there may be a few changes and additions over the coming weeks to make the blog better for you guys. If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve your time spent on the blog or if there is just anything you want to see on the blog then just let me know via comments or email.

In other amazing news I'm super ridiculously amped that The Drums are going to be gracing our South African shores with their gifted presence. These guys are my favourite band. There is no other band that can compare to them for me. The Drums are the epitome of what indie really is, it's the lifestyle where you really don't care what others think of you, you don't try to fit into any crowd, you just be your ridiculously fantastic self. The Drums do this effortlessly, their music doesn't fit into any definitive category, it tells stories of their lives and combines dreamy melodies with melodramatic lyrics which leaves their souls bared for all to see. For a band of this calibre to come to South Africa is a HUGE thing, it shows that our musical culture is starting to develop into something beyond TV pop and boring radio rock. No longer are we satisfied with the latest offering from Lady Gaga or Nickelback (Shudder). This can only lead onto further great things, and great bands who break the mould of what music should sound like will begin to frequent our shores on a more common basis. Final note on this topic - I saw The Drums in February in Melbourne, they were spectacular, first and only time in my life in which I sang and danced throughout an entire hour-long set and did so with a couple thousand other people. So who's road tripping with me to watch them and who's house am I crashing at??

Well I went on for a heck of a lot longer than usual so I'm pretty sure that you are ready for some music now, and I'm not going to disappoint you...

1. The Drums - Money

I have featured The Drums before on this blog a while back. That was their first single back when they were blissfully ignorant of the struggles of the world. 'Money' comes off their second full length album, Portamento. The album's sound is a lot more cultured and carries stories of the life of the lead singer. They still manage to maintain their joyous chorus's and bass lines throughout. 'Money' is a particular favourite of mine, it tells a familiar story that students around the world can identify with. "I want to buy you something, but I don't have any money", I can relate to this song all too well, I've even been known to slyly put this song on when taking a girl on a date just to hint that I may be lacking funds, yes its shameful but it worked...I hope that certain ladies aren't reading this blog this week (That could be an awkward next meeting). The chorus will get stuck in your head, there is no doubt about that so get ready to be singing about your lack of money for the next few days.

2. Swim Deep - Honey

This song has been on repeat in my house since I found it about a week ago, I think my parents are close to kicking me out because they really have heard this song too many times now (for me you can never listen to it enough). Swim Deep are Birmingham locals who are finally set to make a splash on the music scene. They have burnt through record labels like Luke MacDonald burns through hair-bands, (for those of you who don't know Luke, this figure is ridiculously high), they have finally settled on a label and are set to release an album late this year. They play indie pop with synth overtones to complete the sound. 'Honey' is another exceedingly catchy number with one particular line where the lead singer elongates the phrase 'don't just dream in your sleep, its just lazy' until it ends up sounding like 'Don't just dream in your sleep, its lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' but don't take my word for it, go listen to their joyous rhythms yourself!

3. The Wombats - Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

I actually can't believe that I had forgotten to put The Wombats onto the blog before now, I really love these guys. They have changed from an indie band on the outskirts to become one of the most rounded bands in their particular genre. The Wombats are Liverpudlians (I can never get used to that name, it sounds like a disease) and have been around since 2003 so they are old boys on the music scene. They started out sounding very much indie-rock but have since progressed much more towards post-punk (Starting to become an old hand at these classifications). 'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)' takes you back to the good old days when they were just starting up their band in a hotel room in Tokyo and they were free to trash things as they liked without any backlash from the press, it really is a powerful and fantastic number. I'm pretty sure that you are going to love this one.

4. Oberhofer - o0Oo0Oo

Oberhofer have been described as being the sound of happiness, admittedly this was probably said by a teenage female who was high at the time. The thing is, I find it hard to argue with that sentiment (No, I'm not high or teenage or female). Oberhofer are fun, fresh and full of joy, (My high school English teacher would be so proud of that alliteration). The thing that I enjoy most about Oberhofer is that they have a raw and edgy sound, it takes me back to the days when indie music was produced in garages and not in big time studios. I really could have chosen any song off their EP because they are all great but I settled on this one because of it's ability to make me smile even on a Monday morning in a week where I have tons of work to do. Time to put a smile on your face!

5. Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling

Wild Beasts are a fantastic band from Kendal in England, they play a combination of indie-rock and dream-pop. In my humble opinion they are the best protagonists of that combination.They really are a top class outfit and are critically acclaimed in the UK. With a name like Wild Beasts you expect something crazy right? Well at first you may not think that they deliver on this but as you listen more you find that these guys are so fantastically crazy in terms of the music that they conceive and deliver to us! One last thing...does anyone else think that at first glance the lead singer is a female and not a male? It can't just be me can it??

There we go, that's the 10th edition of The Weekly Stew done. I hope that you enjoyed this week's track list, remember to vote for your favourite in our poll. See you all next week!