More about the WeeklyStew

The WeeklyStew is a blog that aims to bring some new music into your life on a weekly basis. People often play that one CD in their car until they are well and truly sick of it, yet they never seem to get the chance to go and find new catchy tunes to replace their good old favourites. This blog hopes to solve this problem by bringing a few new songs into your life every week that I have found during my searches.

The WeeklyStew is compiled by Stuart Copley so standards are low here. No but really this blog is just there to possibly bring a great new song into your life, I dont even pretend to be a music buff or amazing musician, I just want to share my love of music with a few new people!

Huge thanks goes to Mr Dylan Royal, an extremely talented graphic designer and great mate who designed the aesthetics of the blog and encouraged me to start it.

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