Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lazy afternoon Pie

Good day to one and all and welcome to the 9th edition of The Weekly Stew, I too am amazed that we got this far! I'm kind of super-super lazy, so for me to keep on writing every week is unheard of! I'm really stoked that I have kept it up and I hope that you are enjoying the ride.

Ok yes I know it's a Tuesday again and not a Monday but there was a public holiday yesterday so I was doing public holiday activities like braai'ing, playing Fifa and laughing at mates who fell down some stairs. You know, the usual stuff!

In this week's Stew we have a little bit of old and some new. I went and dug out some classics out of my collection and also found some rad new stuff on the net. So sit back, carry on avoiding doing work and enjoy the latest edition of Stew!

1. Hugo - Bread and Butter

The first track this week is definitely a smooth and seductive treat. It comes from an artist born in England, raised in Thailand and now lives in New York City. This one is brought to you by the bass tapping, cast wearing colossus of a man known as Jason Du Randt. He gets all the credit for this find. Hugo's musical style has been described as 'gangsta-rock', ok who doesnt get excited when they hear that? If you don't then I think that you have found your way onto the wrong blog...Justin Bieber's blog is on the other side of town! This track is sure to get you grooving wherever you are sitting, in the office, in-front of the tv, by the pool or even in the bath!

2. I Heart Sharks - Suburbia

If you are a surfer then you may have a problem with this band from the get-go, I mean what surfer loves Sharks?? If you can look past that then get ready for a party, these guys remind me so much of Foals and Friendly Fires and I know how much you guys love Foals!! I Heart Sharks are from Berlin, OK I bet that no-one saw that coming. They have supported Friendly Fires and a whole host of rad bands on tours around europe and are really taking off. They distinguish themselves from many bands in the same genre *cough Two Door cough* by insisting on playing everything live at gigs...No drum loops or anything to be found! Go on and enjoy this one, I know that I did!

3. The Dø - Too Insistent

This is a real treat, its like finding a big piece of feta left in a salad hiding under some lettuce that no-one else saw! The Do are a Finnish/French indie pop duo (Yes they are a little confused) that formed back in 2005 in Paris. I love the smooth harmonies and funk that they bring along with them wherever they go, the vocalist also has an azming voice so watch out for that! They were the first English-speaking, French band to reach the top of the album charts in France, ever (Do I pick 'em or what?). From the start this song just draws you into their web of sweetness with some towering synth and well placed drums. Its a winner of a track!

4. Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

Cloud Control are an alternative band from the Blue Mountains (Anyone else thinking Lord of The Rings right about now? OK only me then). They rose to fame by winning a local battle of bands, (who knew that those still existed??) and subsequently they got airtime on Australian radio station Triple J. They have supported bands like Supergrass and Arcade fire so its safe so say that they are in my good books! This track of theirs was voted one of the hottest songs in Australia in 2010. Let it caress your ears.

5. Cults - Go Outside

Cults is yet another indie pop band based in New York City. 'Go Outside' is catchy and sweet, its the kind of sing-along that feels like it has been pulled from the air with a sentiment perfect for anyone stuck in an office or addicted to the internet. The band was quickly signed to massive music label Columbia after this song became an internet phenomenon. This song gives your daily dose of vitamin D in just a few short minutes, its a winner every day of the week! 

Thats it for this holiday week. I hope you enjoyed this week's 
offerings. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Potato Bake Tuesday

Whatsup everybody! Welcome to another fantastic instalment of The Weekly Stew. I hope that all of you are hungry for some new music and are raring to go for some delectable dessert that will be delivered by a couple of local boys out of the Cape.

Yes I know it's Tuesday and that this is supposed to be a Monday dishing up of Stew, I blame my lecturers for this lateness. For those of you who are worried, this better be all of you, my tests went well. Now it's almost holiday time and I'm in a great chilled mood so this week's songs will be a little more happy and mellow to reflect my current state of mind, if this post had been written on Sunday there may have been some Hardcore tracks in the mix.

OK that's enough waffle (see what I did there?) from me for this week. Its music time...

1. Funeral Suits - All Those Friendly People

Funeral Suits. Right off the bat these Irish boys have an epic name and to go along with that, they make some spectacular music that just puts you into a good mood every time you listen to them. The three piece play a blend of music that has been described as a blend of epic, overdriven guitars, blistering, harmonious pop, art-rock and electronica. I couldn't have squeezed in more tags if I had tried. All i know about these guys is that their music never fails to improve my outlook on life. 'All Those Friendly People' is a winner of a track and from the first chord you are drawn in as the song builds throughout to make it a firm favourite on my itunes playlist.

2. Daughter - Youth

This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard in years. Its one that girls are going to love and boys are gonna find it hard to admit that they too, find it fantastic. 'Daughter' is, mark my words, going to be the next big thing on the world stage in the coming years. The duo is London based and have taken over the city with their infectious blend of melodic pop. They masterfully blend fluttering, heart-on-the-sleeve acoustic ballads with brooding, ambient soundscapes. Those are the words of Vogue, so sadly I cannot claim to be that poetic with my English skills, one day I will be able to compose a sentence like that (not today though). Ladies let me know if this song makes you fall in love (I'm betting it does).  

3. The Burning Hotels - Beard

Okay to start off, any song with the title 'Beard' has to be amazing, who doesn't love a good beard? Males love growing them, females love males with them and songs titled by them tend to just be utterly delectable. The Burning Hotels are indie rockers which have their roots in Texas...indie rockers from Texas?? Now I have truly seen everything in the world of music. They actually made an appearance in the movie 'Bandslam' which is really rad, though I'm quite sure that they may be the only good thing to have come out of that movie. 'Beard' is easily my favourite track from them, I could listen to it just to hear the lead singers voice, that man really sings to my soul. The song manages to compliment his stunning voice with some driving riffs from the guitars and some smooth pulses emanating out of the synth for the duration of the song. I'm a fan and once you listen, you will be one as well.

4. Animal Kingdom - Strange Attractor

Its only appropriate since we live in Africa to have a little bit of animal spirit featuring on the blog. Animal Kingdom are actually wannabee animals since they are a British-trio playing alternative port-britpop. I honestly don't just make these tags up, they really exist, soon there will be post-post indie-posterior pop. These guys play some hauntingly good tunes so it only makes sense that 'Strange Attractor' was composed and recorded in an abandoned church in London. This song has one of the weirdest music videos that I have seen for a while, it starts off very chilled and normal with a guy checking some girl out a club, the usual Saturday night story for Dillon Nuss, until at around 70 seconds in where it all goes haywire. You definitely need to see what happens, I'm not going to spoil the surprise.

5. LCTRISC - Sunbird

I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that name but I thought that I would end off this week with a little bundle of joy (it's the song for those slow ones amongst us). LCTRISC are a Nordic pop duo consisting of Adam "Leslie" Jonsson and Oskar "Lenny" Linnaeus (How cool is it to say Nordic?? That gives them like 500 style points just for being Nordic). I don't have much to say about this song except to tell you that I loved it from the first time I listened to it. It's that good. It also has a pretty quirky and cool music video to take it to the next level of awesomeness.

6. Bicycle Thief - Ammunition

Ah I got you guys, you thought I was going to forget to provide you with your promised dessert, I never forget dessert! Here it is, a little South African ditty. I must say that I am mightily impressed with Bicycle Thief, this is one well put together track that just exudes sickness (sick is good in this case). If I didn't know that the band was from Capetown, I would have thought this was an international band, which is just about the biggest compliment that I can give a South African band these days. 'Ammunition' is a good old rock 'n roll number, which is fantastic. It really is a positive sign of what these boys are capable of. Clean riffs, sweet harmonies every now and then, and some great song progression. Keep an eye out for these guys. On a side note, any band that counts Arcade Fire as an influence, as these guys do, is already in my good books. Take a listen and encourage them to get a music video up for this baby so that we can all enjoy them on MK as well.

That's all from me for this week. I hope you guys ate your fill and will be back for more next week. From next week onwards we are going to have a rating system so that you can choose your favourite track of the week so we can give you more of what you like! See you guys next week in the same place!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Spring Souffle

Well hello there all you beautiful people, I'm assuming that you are beautiful since you are reading this blog...I think that its a fair assumption to make. Its Monday again, thus time to give all of you stew-dents (Thanks Doyal) a fresh lesson on what makes me, and soon you, begin to jive and come alive.

This week I have included a few of my favorites from the last few years as well as a little English treat for you to have for pudding. Ok who else is impressed with how I've managed to keep the food associations going? I'm certainly proud of myself (Somebody has to be). 

A little forewarning, next week's post will only be released on Tuesday because I have a hectic weekend of tests that ends on Monday night, oh the joys of studying business science.
Now lets get funky...

1. Dog Is Dead - Glockenspiel Song

Since Ushaka marine world had a day where gingers could get in free, I decided that I would also give the gingers a chance to shine, so I chose a band with a ginger in it! The first time I heard these guys was last year, while I was searching for some Bombay Bicycle Club tracks. Its no wonder then that this 5 piece band from Nottingham-shire in England have been called the younger brothers of Bombay Bicycle Club. I had actually forgotten about them until my mate Jason (also a ginger, and a good looking ginger at that) reminded me about them, good call Jase. The band have described themselves as "an original blend of harmonious, indie-pop in the disco, with a cheeky jazz hint" and "uplifting pop for jazz junkies and choir folk". If this doesn't give you an idea of what they are then just think Bombay Bicycle Club but a little bit happier and funkier - funky due to the fact that they have a Saxophonist (You don't get cooler than that). If you still dont have any idea then just go listen to the song and give some love to the gingers afterwards.

2. Chairlift - Bruises

Chairlift are a synth-pop duo from Brooklyn in New York. They play some of the catchiest beats along with some ridiculously tight vocals. I was lucky enough to watch them play in Australia in February and they were amazing. I dont know if I have ever seen a couple of people on-stage make a crowd go as crazy with such chilled-out happy-go-lucky pop music. Bruises is one of their crowning glories, it starts off with the kind of beat that you can't help but bop along to and develops into a veritable vat of happiness that just overflows into your ears. When I listen to them I can't help but think that I'm attending some obscure electronica party thats on a beach. I wonder what they will make you feel? Im predictiing only good things...

3. The Maccabees - Pelican

Another English band and another amazing song. Next up we have some boys from South London. These indie rockers have released 3 studio albums and have a large following over in England. At one stage, The Maccabees were hailed as the next big thing in English Indie music and with 'Pelican' I think that they have managed to start living up to this tag. This really is a song of epic proportions, it grabs your attention from the first bar played and holds it right up until the song fades out. I often can't believe that 4 minutes have gone bye when I get to the end of the song. I may have played this song a few too many times in my car because the CD now contains so many scratches that you cant go 5 seconds without the song skipping. You too will fall in love with these English lads after listening to this.

4. The Zutons - Valerie

The Zutons are without doubt one of the happiest poppy bands that I have ever heard. You cant listen to them without your current mood improving. The 5 piece Liverpudlian (I know right!?) band have been together since 2001, let me rather say that they have been making people happier since 2001. You may recognize this track as one that Amy Winehouse sang. Amy actually covered The Zutons, who wrote the song originally, hardly anyone seems to realize this which actually irritates me quite a bit. This is why I am setting the record straight: The Zutons wrote it first and their version is actually better, or so i think. These guys make me think of a summer holiday down the South-Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, I cant exactly tell you why but I can tell you that it is a very good thing!

5. Two Wounded Birds - If Only We Remain

One guess on the type of music that this band plays? Easy one right, that name gives it away right at the start. These Indie kids are quite new on the block, they are from Kent in England. Just what is in the English water that all of these great bands are emerging from there?? They were found in 2011 by The Drums, another favorite of mine, and were subsequently taken on a European tour to support The Drums that same year. They have recently released their debut album to critical acclaim (deservedly so). 'If Only We Remain' is a beautiful song, the music video is also a goodie. Two Wounded Birds seem to have created such an amazing ambiance here, the combination of electric guitar, synth, vocals and drums work perfectly together to deliver an enticing new sound that has kept me coming back for more. I must have used a good portion of my internet cap listening this this song last month. Go on and get lost in the forest with them aswell...

See you next Tuesday for another helping of Stew!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Scrumptious Delight

Welcome one and all to The Weekly Stew. Well, it's spring now so this week we are going to have an edition to honour spring (original right). This week we honour all the good things that spring brings; the ability for boys to wear shorts every day, the fact that women can wear their summer dresses again (yes that is a huge positive for men the world over), the fact that students can start their cars in the mornings on the first attempt, and the fact that there will again be hundreds of music videos emerging that were shot in forests around the world. I have of course only included the important things that Spring brings.

Big thanks goes out to Mr Dylan Royal for his listing last week. He even changed to header to read “The Weekly Doyal”, it took me a couple days to see it, what a sneaky man! If you think you have a few songs that people need to hear then swing me an email and you too could be guest listing at some point in the future!

Time to get the music going...

1. Trophy Wife – Microlite

The first track this week is a beauty. Trophy Wife are a 3-piece band from Oxford. It looks like that small town doesn’t just produce great scholars anymore. The band plays self-proclaimed “Ambitionless Office Disco”, who wouldn’t want to party in the office instead of working? They are produced by Foals front man Yannis Philippakis and have been described by some as sounding like Foals’ little brothers. Microlite is my favourite track of theirs, I first heard it in a friend’s car while missioning around Cape Town. The track just exudes melancholy, it can be like a sad disco that you can’t not dance to!

2. Bag Raiders - Sunlight

The next track is one that will really brighten up your day, its a real treat that is produced by electro house duo Bag Raiders. Yes I did just include an electro song on the blog, jocks everywhere must be celebrating. ‘Sunlight’ is a funky little number, it manages to combine a head bopping beat with some silky smooth vocals to create a bundle of joy for your ears to enjoy. It also has epic music video to make the listening even easier. Now go let the song work its magic on you.

3.  Blood Orange - Forget It

‘Forget It’ had me hooked from the first bar. The swanky vocals combined with a robust beat end up getting me excited every time I listen to the song. The beat is simple but so very catchy, you may find yourself singing “I am not your saviour” around the house. Blood Orange is a pseudonym for British composer Dev Hynes, he has written for the likes of Florence and the Machine as well as The Chemical Brothers. I am very glad that he has started making some of his own music. This song has a very 'The Cure' sound to it which makes it doubly epic! Apologies for the video, it starts off very weirdly.

4.  Spector - Celestine

Spector have been one of the standout bands of 2012, the 5-piece band have only been together since last year and already they have been making waves in the world of music. They have actually just played at Reading & Leeds festivals, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and they were rated amongst the top bands there! Spector have been said to be similar to the Killers somewhat. All that I can attest to is the fact that they do make some fabulous music that just makes me think that summer is here already!

5. The Lumineers - Hey Ho

The Lumineers are another American sensation, they are a folk band hailing from Denver in Colorado. Their first album has been dominating the charts in America and around Europe. When these guys play I just can’t help but think of a lovely summer’s day, their music just seems to float out of the speakers only to get stuck in my brain for days. ‘Hey Ho’ is the first single from their album and is super catchy. Go on and end off your Monday serving of Stew with some light-hearted folk!

I trust that you enjoyed this week's list! See you all again next Monday.