Monday, 2 December 2013

Corporate Vibes


Whatsup everybody! I bet you all thought that i had died and taken my musical treats with me, luckily for you I have just been finishing off my honours in Finance (I know, I know, It's super lame and boring), so I am now yours once again! I am back to provide you with a little slice of heaven every week, if heaven isn't your cup of tea then this can be your slice of paradise!

In some exciting news some brave person, decided that we who write this blog could have our radio show (Crazy right!? I mean, who in their right mind would let me talk on the radio??). So we are now live on air every Sunday from 1-4 pm on iwantmyradio (How cool is that name!). Our show is called the 'Sunday Stew' and if you would like to listen in, then go to and listen to the live stream.

Ok so enough about my lame stuff and onto the reason you are here, let the playlist begin...

1. Haerts - All The Days

You should know by now that I'm a real sucker for some good synth pop, throw in some gorgeously seductive and smooth female vocals and you will have to tear me away from the track! That's just what this track from 'Haerts' provides, some fantastic, 80's influenced synth-pop that will melt your heart as soon as the first chorus comes around. 'Haerts' are a Brooklyn based 5 piece indie band who's members originate from around the globe, Germans and Americans working together in a band is rather weird, or so I think. Go on and let Haerts soothe you right this instant!

2. Dent May - Born To Late

Next up we have something a little different for you to groove to. Dent May is one 2013's sounds of summer! His funk infused indie-pop is delightful to the ear and makes you groove despite the surroundings you find yourself in. When 'Born To Late' starts you will be wondering what the hell I'm on about but by the end of the first chorus you will be jiving along to the beat, by the time Dent starts singing in his falsetto voice your mind will be blown! This music video also happens to be one of my favourite ones of the year due to it's sheer awkwardness! Dent May is based in Oxford of the Mississippi variety and he has a collective called 'cats purring' so I am fully surprised that he has not taken over the Internet yet!

3. Snakadaktal - Hold on Tight

The third track on this week's playlist comes courtesy of 'Snakadaktal', I'm pretty sure that they came up with that name just to mess with bloggers like me, I already struggle with normal spelling! Ok back to the track, 'Hold on Tight' is a classic indie tune in the making, what makes it crazy is that it comes from a bunch of young Australian guys, it just has such a mature and well put together sound that defies their young age. Entrancing vocals, artfully used synth and harmonies that give me goosebumps meant that after one track I was hooked, add in the driving guitar and stellar beats and I fell in love. So you will most likely fall in love with this band in the next 4 minutes!

4. St Lucia - Call Me Up

How did I almost forget about St Lucia!? Right off the bat, these guys are my favourite new band of the second half of 2013, so be nice to them! I rate these guys so highly that I could have made a playlist one week just with their tracks in it! St Lucia's main man is actually South African! Jean-Philip Grobler was born in Joburg, spent his school career at the Drakensberg Boys Choir and then went overseas and moved around until he ended up as a Brooklyn-based music producer! St Lucia has all the right ingredients to go huge! The band is synth based with numerous artfully used instruments complementing the amazing vocal ability of the lead singer! Just go listen right now, I really cannot do them justice! Also go listen to the tracks 'elevate' and 'closer than this'.

5.  Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite

Oh yeah, this next track is a real treat for all you indie kids who pretend that you don't like to dance but you really do! 'Rock U Tonite' is one of those tracks that has the sickest drop ever! Like seriously, it's amazing and it's not EDM at all! The first time I played this for my mates there was a collective 'oooooooooooooh' as the beat dropped and my mates are notoriously hard to please! 'Wave Racer' is yet another Australian who is dropping sick as beats for us to party to! There must be something in the water over there is Australia!

That's all for this week guys! Thanks for stopping by! See you all soon!

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