Monday, 15 April 2013

Attack of the Matt

Welcome back everybody!

The long wait for a new post is definitely worth it because we have a guest writer this week! This guest is none other than the fantastic Mr Matt Hardy! He is one seriously talented writer who just happens to have a great, actually superb taste in music! 

So here goes Matt...

I find it amusing that I've been asked to do a Weekly Stew. This seems like a place that people come to sample some of the more gorgeous things extracted from the music world. Since I’m not in the vanguard of such exploits, it wouldn't be smart to entertain any thoughts that suggest I’m some kind of machine in these fields – not that you ever would. What you find here will probably resemble, at best, a modest gem stone and not a diamond. The good news is that there are diamonds, and that, even if this is a grubby gem stone, it still shines pretty bright – at least to me.

Music is medium, and that’s why we love it. The following is a mix of tracks that are fresh, vibey and vintage. Tracks that I find myself streaming on Youtube way too much, trying to learn on guitar, and singing until they’re dead. Enjoy!

1. Vampire Weekend – Step 

So, Vampire Weekend have dropped two new songs from their forth coming album, which unfortunately also has the word vampire in it –a pity. Certainly though, this song is delicious and mouth-watering and flavoursome and pleasant in all material (and emotional) respects.

2. The Strokes – Slow Animals

The strokes make me want to be a groove master. This track is from their new album, and it doesn't feel right to put just one of the songs up. You really should listen to the whole thing to vibe it properly, so please – listen to it!

3. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines 

She’s got stickers on her locker! And the boys’ numbers there in magic marker!

...aaaaand here is a live version because Jack White is best heard at full volume from 5 metres away!

4. Guards – Not Supposed To 

Guards are another fun, catchy, pseudo-alternative creation of the 2013th year, keeping consistent with our first teen experiences as a millennium. It makes sense that we’d be going through something of an awkward stage in general doesn’t it? This is a sick song though, from what I’m sure is a radical album!

5. Arcade Fire – Modern Man 

For the last song I thought I’d drop the masters. It’s helpful every now and then to restore a bit of perspective in these matters. Lately bands have been trying hard. And so, just in case we fall for all the horseplay around, we should remember to test it all in a purer light. Yeeesssssssssa!

Well that was Matt's great was that!? Yeow! See you all again next week for another edition of The Weekly Stew! Don't forget to vote for your favourite track!

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