Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One year already!?

Yo everybody! Welcome back to our little blog that we like to call home!

Do you know what I worked out the other day....we are a whole year old now!? How cool!! To be honest I'm quite surprised that we managed to get this far! One thing I did notice though, there are 52 weeks in a year but we have only had like 36 editions...yeah I missed a few weeks here and there!

Ok so my loyal stew'dents (That never gets old) I want to reward you for a year of returning to this blog by giving you a bumper edition! So there will be 10 tracks this week, I will even try to keep my write-ups short because I know that I can go on, and on and on and on sometimes!

Let the music begin...

1. London Grammar - Hey Now

London Grammar have to be one of the most hyped bands of 2013, and for good reason too! They manage to combine 'The xx' ambiance with Florence Welch'esqe vocals to create a sound that fills a room and gives me shivers every time! In this case minimalism really does the trick of creating a sound that will stick in your head for days afterwards! The 3 piece band really is from London and their debut album drops in a couple of weeks so go and grab it!

2. Beatenberg - Chelsea Blakemore

Oh yes, a little South African flavour for this playlist! I have posted a couple of other Beatenberg tracks before but this is by far their greatest track to date. Catchy, crisp, beautiful and artful all in equal doses; it really is a masterpiece by a band from Capetown! It isn't just me that thinks it is amazing, they have managed to get playlisted on numerous commercial radio stations in SA which is so so epic! Go have a listen!

3. Wave Racer - Rock U Tonite

This next track is something a little different. High energy and produced beats are on the cards but this track has something a little bit diferent, it manages to grab your attention with it's sneaky hooks and unexpected beats! I certainly fell inlove this Sydney native's track and so will you! I'm even grooving as I write this now!

4. Mr Little Jeans - Oh Sailor

As this track begins I wouldn't blame you for thinking that it was Lana Del Rey sneaking another song onto the market, however you would actually be wrong if you thought that! 'Mr Little Jeans' is the stage name for Monica Birkenes, a tiny Norweigan with a huge talent for making me bop my head, OK her real talent is making absolutely fantastic music that puts most pop out there today to shame! I'm gonna be honest, this tiny Norwegian's music is actually my guilty pleasure of the moment!

5. Mr Little Jeans - Runaway

OK fine I had to put another of her tracks in. I'm seriously losing any street cred I possibly had right now!

6. The Aztec Sapphire - The Instinct of Boyhood

Going from pop to extreme indie we find ourselves on the doorstep of the kids from The Aztec Sapphire! The Capetown locals have released their third single now, it is yet another concoction of ambiance, melodies and  instrumentals that combine to form something beautiful! I can't believe how good these guys are! Yoh they need to get their asses back to Durban to play a full gig now!

7. The National - Sea of Love

It's hard to find a more iconic indie band from the 2000's than The National. These Ohio lads have wowed audiences for years now and stolen the hearts of many a girl with their particular brand of indie art, I say art because their music could be an art form of its own. I love these guys, their music will always stay with me and I was so so stoked when they released this track earlier this year. No matter what you are doing, it somehow manages to make you stop and consider life as you listen to it!

8. Owl Eyes - Night Swim

Ooooh yeah, this song is so damn smooth! Yes that is the reaction that you get as you listen to this track. Owl Eyes aka Brooke Addamo can sing to me all day long...In fact I think I'd better fly over to Australia now to let her caress my senses! OK that got a little intense but that' the power that this song has. It is definitely worth a few hundred listens!

9. Franz Ferdinand - Right Action

I thought that this would be the right time to bring the mood back up with a sneaky little dose of the Scottish indie rockers Franz Ferdinand! These guys have always fascinated me with their quirky beats and lyrics, they never do what you are expecting; a song will build up and nothing will happen and then 15 seconds later in the most random place they suddenly go huge! They certainly are fun and I for one am ecstatic that they have a new album on the way!

10. Kodaline - Love Like This

This week we end off with a new'ish track from Kodaline! You will probably remember them from a while back when I posted their amazing song that was so sad that I almost shed a tear? No? OK moving on then. This new track of theirs has a lot more joy to it and makes me think of Coldplay more and more with every listen! Ladies are going to openly love it and men will pretend they don't but secretly they won't mind at all when the girls play it! So yes the Dublin boys have made another winner of a track! Go listen and bring some joy to your life!

11. Dillon Francis feat Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Without You

You thought that it was all over didn't you!? Well think again because I couldn't leave you all without a birthday present! That present takes the form of a birthday song! I love me a little TEED and so will you after you listen to this cracker of a track! Sweet beats, kiff vocals and a hook that just keeps on going! Go get your dancing shoes on right this instant!

That's it for this birthday edition! Thanks to everyone for chilling out with us this year! We really dig bringing you new tracks to live your week too and if you have any that you want us to hear then send them on through!

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