Monday, 3 September 2012

Scrumptious Delight

Welcome one and all to The Weekly Stew. Well, it's spring now so this week we are going to have an edition to honour spring (original right). This week we honour all the good things that spring brings; the ability for boys to wear shorts every day, the fact that women can wear their summer dresses again (yes that is a huge positive for men the world over), the fact that students can start their cars in the mornings on the first attempt, and the fact that there will again be hundreds of music videos emerging that were shot in forests around the world. I have of course only included the important things that Spring brings.

Big thanks goes out to Mr Dylan Royal for his listing last week. He even changed to header to read “The Weekly Doyal”, it took me a couple days to see it, what a sneaky man! If you think you have a few songs that people need to hear then swing me an email and you too could be guest listing at some point in the future!

Time to get the music going...

1. Trophy Wife – Microlite

The first track this week is a beauty. Trophy Wife are a 3-piece band from Oxford. It looks like that small town doesn’t just produce great scholars anymore. The band plays self-proclaimed “Ambitionless Office Disco”, who wouldn’t want to party in the office instead of working? They are produced by Foals front man Yannis Philippakis and have been described by some as sounding like Foals’ little brothers. Microlite is my favourite track of theirs, I first heard it in a friend’s car while missioning around Cape Town. The track just exudes melancholy, it can be like a sad disco that you can’t not dance to!

2. Bag Raiders - Sunlight

The next track is one that will really brighten up your day, its a real treat that is produced by electro house duo Bag Raiders. Yes I did just include an electro song on the blog, jocks everywhere must be celebrating. ‘Sunlight’ is a funky little number, it manages to combine a head bopping beat with some silky smooth vocals to create a bundle of joy for your ears to enjoy. It also has epic music video to make the listening even easier. Now go let the song work its magic on you.

3.  Blood Orange - Forget It

‘Forget It’ had me hooked from the first bar. The swanky vocals combined with a robust beat end up getting me excited every time I listen to the song. The beat is simple but so very catchy, you may find yourself singing “I am not your saviour” around the house. Blood Orange is a pseudonym for British composer Dev Hynes, he has written for the likes of Florence and the Machine as well as The Chemical Brothers. I am very glad that he has started making some of his own music. This song has a very 'The Cure' sound to it which makes it doubly epic! Apologies for the video, it starts off very weirdly.

4.  Spector - Celestine

Spector have been one of the standout bands of 2012, the 5-piece band have only been together since last year and already they have been making waves in the world of music. They have actually just played at Reading & Leeds festivals, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and they were rated amongst the top bands there! Spector have been said to be similar to the Killers somewhat. All that I can attest to is the fact that they do make some fabulous music that just makes me think that summer is here already!

5. The Lumineers - Hey Ho

The Lumineers are another American sensation, they are a folk band hailing from Denver in Colorado. Their first album has been dominating the charts in America and around Europe. When these guys play I just can’t help but think of a lovely summer’s day, their music just seems to float out of the speakers only to get stuck in my brain for days. ‘Hey Ho’ is the first single from their album and is super catchy. Go on and end off your Monday serving of Stew with some light-hearted folk!

I trust that you enjoyed this week's list! See you all again next Monday.

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