Monday, 27 August 2012

The Magnificent Doyal

Ahoy to all of you fantastic people who we are lucky enough to write for (according to Urban Dictionary, Durban people use the word 'ahoy' to greet each other!) Its Monday again which means that another week has flown by and a new edition of The Weekly Stew is due to hit your screens.

This week is going to be a special one because what was promised in our very first edition is finally here. Mr Dylan Royal, who is the resident designer and guitar guru, is going to be guest-listing his favourite 5 tracks. So from here on out you will be hearing from Dylan, treat him nicely because his music is going to be like some good therapy for you.

Week 5.
Doyal has taken over.
I am Doyal.
Stu says he’s tired of writing and also he hasn’t eaten in 4 weeks because he’s been so busy stalking bands and hunting down new singles (mainly the musical kind, but also some human ones) to share with his Weekly Stew-dents (see what I did there). So this week you’ve got The Weekly Doyal with 5 songs and bands of my choice, plus some secret/bonus/extra tracks. Mmmm, secrets.

1. Delta Spirit - California

So these guys have pretty much been my obsession for the last couple months. I first heard 'White Table', a sweet track from their last album sometime last year, but when they released their self-titled album early this year, I went nuts. There's so many things that make these guys cool so I'm just going to list it all for you: they have big time swag points (The lead singer, Matt Vasques, is the ultimate male), they have two drummers (say what?), they have one music video where all that happens, is the whole band beats up the lead singer, the bassist wears long-john bottoms, and the electric guitarist wears hawaiian shirts when they play live. They put on some rad performances, like this one below, just for us!

2. O'brother - Ascention

Please don't be put off by the fact that I'd describe this beast of a band as 'post-hardcore', because whatever you think they are, they're not (No really, stop thinking now). This is the kind of band that could be crazy as just instrumental, but their glorious vocals make them NEXT LEVEL. They've just released a full length album that I have yet to purchase, but from what I've heard of it, is sounding quite regal. Check out this cray cray (that was for all of the teenage females who read the blog) video, and if you dig it, check out some of their other songs like 'Oh, Charitable Thief' and 'Lo'.

3. The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes

Jack White is a magician. Besides his solo stuff, he's in three crazy succesfull bands (The White Stripes, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs). Somehow he has managed to find a distinct sound with each band. The Raconteurs are known as 'The Saboteurs' in Australia because there was already a Queensland band with the same name. The Raconteurs/Saboteurs offered the Queensland Raconteurs a large briefcase filled with paper money, but the silly Aussies didn't know who it was that was asking them to change their name, so they asked for more to see what would happen, but the Saboteurs backed down. Silly Aussies. Anyway, check out this music video that's got Jack White driving a funny car and stuff.

4. Crash Kings - You Got Me

When I first heard this song on Jon Savage's Thursday night radio slot (not all radio is bad), I was sold. Despite playing with no guitars (a rock band with no guitars ladies and gentleman), these kings fuuhhhlippen rock out! There's two mental YouTube videos on their channel of them covering some rock classics with just keyboard, bass and drums that you have to check out if you have the time. The keyboardist puts his old school Clavinet through some effects pedals and has a built-in whammy bar on top of his keyboard that he uses for solo's. Basically that means, for those who are not sure what a pedal is, that he makes his old school piano sound like a guitar, but different.

5. Them Crooked Vultures - No One Loves Me & Neither Do I

Okay, you know when you watching rugby or soccer or whatever with your mates, and you start talking about a 'dream team' and which all-time greats you would put in it? Well that's basically what happened here. The music god's were like "Aah I'm bored, let's make a dream band?" "Yeah sick, there's not enough rock 'n roll in the 21st century anyway, since our Justin Bieber plans failed."
TCV are: Dave Grohl on drums (Nirvana and Foo Fighters), Josh Homme on guitar and vocals (Queens of the Stone Age) and John-Paul Jones on bass and keys (Led Zeppelin). ARE YOU SERIOUS??!
Also I think this song is about a prostitute.

Bonus Track: Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son

There's no special reason for this bonus track other than the fact that bonus tracks are the business. I love bonus stuff, It's like bottomless coke at Wimpy. This three-piece from California had a very short but sweet career from 2006-2009. They got a whole bag of awards, nominations and recommendations bla bla bla but decided to break up in 2009, just after recording a whole wack of tracks that ended up being released last year. Silly Californians.The lead singer is also the drummer and the guitarist is also a man. Check out their killer music video for my favourite track of their's.

That's it from me, Doyal, till next time!
Remember, life is full of surprises like stray dogs, secret ninjas and those bee/hornet things that follow you when you're trinna talk to someone important.

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