Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Lazy afternoon Pie

Good day to one and all and welcome to the 9th edition of The Weekly Stew, I too am amazed that we got this far! I'm kind of super-super lazy, so for me to keep on writing every week is unheard of! I'm really stoked that I have kept it up and I hope that you are enjoying the ride.

Ok yes I know it's a Tuesday again and not a Monday but there was a public holiday yesterday so I was doing public holiday activities like braai'ing, playing Fifa and laughing at mates who fell down some stairs. You know, the usual stuff!

In this week's Stew we have a little bit of old and some new. I went and dug out some classics out of my collection and also found some rad new stuff on the net. So sit back, carry on avoiding doing work and enjoy the latest edition of Stew!

1. Hugo - Bread and Butter

The first track this week is definitely a smooth and seductive treat. It comes from an artist born in England, raised in Thailand and now lives in New York City. This one is brought to you by the bass tapping, cast wearing colossus of a man known as Jason Du Randt. He gets all the credit for this find. Hugo's musical style has been described as 'gangsta-rock', ok who doesnt get excited when they hear that? If you don't then I think that you have found your way onto the wrong blog...Justin Bieber's blog is on the other side of town! This track is sure to get you grooving wherever you are sitting, in the office, in-front of the tv, by the pool or even in the bath!

2. I Heart Sharks - Suburbia

If you are a surfer then you may have a problem with this band from the get-go, I mean what surfer loves Sharks?? If you can look past that then get ready for a party, these guys remind me so much of Foals and Friendly Fires and I know how much you guys love Foals!! I Heart Sharks are from Berlin, OK I bet that no-one saw that coming. They have supported Friendly Fires and a whole host of rad bands on tours around europe and are really taking off. They distinguish themselves from many bands in the same genre *cough Two Door cough* by insisting on playing everything live at gigs...No drum loops or anything to be found! Go on and enjoy this one, I know that I did!

3. The DΓΈ - Too Insistent

This is a real treat, its like finding a big piece of feta left in a salad hiding under some lettuce that no-one else saw! The Do are a Finnish/French indie pop duo (Yes they are a little confused) that formed back in 2005 in Paris. I love the smooth harmonies and funk that they bring along with them wherever they go, the vocalist also has an azming voice so watch out for that! They were the first English-speaking, French band to reach the top of the album charts in France, ever (Do I pick 'em or what?). From the start this song just draws you into their web of sweetness with some towering synth and well placed drums. Its a winner of a track!

4. Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

Cloud Control are an alternative band from the Blue Mountains (Anyone else thinking Lord of The Rings right about now? OK only me then). They rose to fame by winning a local battle of bands, (who knew that those still existed??) and subsequently they got airtime on Australian radio station Triple J. They have supported bands like Supergrass and Arcade fire so its safe so say that they are in my good books! This track of theirs was voted one of the hottest songs in Australia in 2010. Let it caress your ears.

5. Cults - Go Outside

Cults is yet another indie pop band based in New York City. 'Go Outside' is catchy and sweet, its the kind of sing-along that feels like it has been pulled from the air with a sentiment perfect for anyone stuck in an office or addicted to the internet. The band was quickly signed to massive music label Columbia after this song became an internet phenomenon. This song gives your daily dose of vitamin D in just a few short minutes, its a winner every day of the week! 

Thats it for this holiday week. I hope you enjoyed this week's 
offerings. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Nice selection, keep it up. I was looking forward to voting for my favourite? Ha, Go Outside gets it, just for the record; chune.

    1. Oh yes the voting system, my bad for forgetting to put that in this week, it will definitely be there from next week! Glad you are enjoying the read!