Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Showstopping Madness

Hey to all of you music lovers! Thanks for coming back every week to check out the playlist, it really means so much that you guys enjoy the tracks I put out every week! I apologise that the blog is a little late this week, it's just been a really hectic period of time for me so I haven't had a moment to get to the blog until now, due to this the write-ups will be super short this week. I hope that you enjoy it!

Onto the playlist...

1. The 1975 - Sex

'1975' and 'Sex' in the same title, yes this is going to be epic! Think alternative Manchester rock produced by the likes of 'Foals' and 'Arctic Monkeys' and you have 'The 1975' I'm excited! Enjoy!

2. Wild Belle - It's Too Late

'Wild Belle' play a fusion of psychedelic pop and reggae mixed in with a little bit of Ska which ends up sounding like a little slice of heaven. Soothing and groovy is what you get from these siblings who originate from around Chicago!

3. Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Some of my friends were lucky enough to see Dan Croll in London and they fell in love instantly, I have since joined them in their love for this band, with a groove to die for and an interesting array of instrumental sounds this band is unique to a whole new degree, unique is amazing in this case! Do yourself a favor and have a listen!

4. Josef Salvat - This Life

Enter this year's 'Gotye', at least that's what a few industry experts are saying about this Australian singer songwriter. Others say that he sounds like a male version of 'Lana Del Rey'. All I know is that I like what I have heard so far. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

5. Eliza And The Bear - Upon The North

These guys are going to go huge this year! That is a fact...boy am I glad that their music landed up on my lap because it is fantastic. It is a fresh take on the folk scene, full of joy almost to the opposite degree of serene sadness that 'Arcade Fire' evoke in their songs. You can't listen to these guys and stay in a sad mood, trust me on that because that literally just happened to me. Listen and light up your life and remember these guys so that when they go big you claim that you heard them and loved them first!

Thanks for stopping by! I will see you all again next week for another spectacular edition of The Weekly Stew!

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