Monday, 4 March 2013

Summer's Heart

Well hello there to all of you fantastic music lovers!

It is so good to be writing to you again as we, The Weekly Stew, turn 29...yes that's right, we are old now...oh so old! I hope that you have all enjoyed the playlists that have been put out week after week and that the standards have not slipped! Please don't hesitate to comment with suggestions for playlists, soon there is going to be an edition composed just of suggested songs!

Playlist time...

1. Al Bairre - Solid Gold

We start off this week's playlist with a new little ditty from Cape Town locals 'Al Bairre'. I love 'Al Bairre', they are without doubt one of my favourite South African bands and I really believe that they should have far more recognition than they currently do. This new track can be summarised in one word. FUN. That was the word for those of you who didn't catch it. This is indie at it's glorious best, uncompromising, beautiful and constantly going in the opposite direction to what you think is coming. Go check it out and let it put a smile on your face today!

2. Atoms For Peace - Ingenue

Next up this week we have the supergroup to end all super groups. The genius of Thom Yorke (Radiohead), combined with the energy of Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and the prowess of an ex R.E.M. and Beck drummer are almost too much to handle! 'Atoms For Peace' really are an amazing band, their style is a mix of experimental rock and huge electronica that ends up sounding indie and industrial with just a hint of 'Radiohead' around it. It's definitely not to be missed so go check it out and enjoy their combined musical genius!

3. High Highs - Open Season

'High Highs' bring some pure, unadulterated joy to this week's playlist with infectious beats and swooning vocals. 'High Highs' are an Australian duo who now live in New York and have been playing their way into young girl's hearts all over America, I seriously need to get my rockstar life going and get some groupies. Their music is full of glorious harmonies that just paint beautiful pictures in your mind! They are another young band to watch out for as they make a name for themselves in the music world.

4. Plants and Animals - Lightshow

This week the Canadians are making an appearance on the blog as they spin their musical webs around us. 'Plants and Animals' are among the most underrated bands in Canada at the moment. They play indie-rock which they themselves describe as being 'post-classic rock'. In all of their songs they have managed to create a really full quality to their sound, as you listen you really get drawn into what they are doing. Their lead singer's voice is very different to what you expect from conventional bands but it seems to work to their advantage as it makes their sound unique. Go on and enjoy it.

5. Gold Fields - Dark Again

The final track in this week's playlist comes from Ballarat locals 'Gold Fields', for those of you who don't know...Ballarat is a city in Australia (I have no idea why people wouldn't know that). A driving bass line and well constructed verse structure lead the way in this song. It really is a track to get your heart beating faster and your foot tapping along to the beat, it is one of those rare songs where the louder you listen to it, the better it is! So play it loud!! All in all this is a great track from yet another Australian band!

That's it for yet another edition. Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget that you can find us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news and goings on with the blog. See you all next week.

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