Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Summer's Blend

Well hi there to all of you, my wonderful Stew'dents (See what I did there). I trust that you have all had amazing weeks and that you are hungry for a fresh serving of stew to lighten up your lives!

I started honours this week, yeah I know right...who would choose to do honours? Guess I'm just a sucker for punishment! Don't you worry though, I will still be providing you with musical goodness on a weekly basis!

Music time...

1. Haim - Don't Save Me

If I could I would probably date all 3 of the sisters that make up 'Haim' at the same time and then make them sing their 80's pop inspired songs to me all day long! I have given 'Haim' a ton of love on this blog before so i won't go on for too long this time. Suffice to say that this song has that essential element which makes all good songs makes you want to know the words so that you can sing along as you bop to the beat! Don't complain to me when this one gets stuck in your head for days on end!

2. Boy & Bear - Rabbit Song

I can't believe that I had forgotten to put 'Boy & Bear' on this blog. They are without doubt one of my favourite bands, so what if I have a lot of those. I was lucky enough to see them at Big Day Out in Melbourne in 2012 and they were amazing! Their music is so pure and Earthy and their lead singers voice just complements it all to make them the full package! I wouldn't be surprised if their next album goes huge.

3. Young Kato - Break Out

From the first bar this song really captures your attention. They use the synth to perfection and then their lead singer's voice, which is very unique, caresses your ears till you don't want them to stop playing. The next time I make it across to the UK I plan on making a trip to see these Birmingham locals ply their trade. I'm sure that you will love them too.

4. Thomas - Sunshine

Oooooooh yeah! This one is for all of you disco-funk lovers. 'Thomas' is guaranteed to get you shaking those hips you deny you have and doing decidedly interesting dance moves in your bedroom, it can't just be me who does that? These guys have a little bit of 'jamiroquai' in their sound and I LOVE myself a 'lil bit of 'Little L'. It's time to get your dance on!

5. The Aztek Sapphire - Visitors

We end off this week with a little local track by a new band out of Cape Town. I don't know much about these guys except that their first gig was in a house and I may develop a huge crush on them if they continue to make music like this. The song may seem long but it is worth all 9 minutes of listening! I would hazard to describe them as playing a Cape Town inspired version of indie-pop with a touch of class. Their music does remind me of a lazy summer's afternoon chilling by the pool, that's a good thing! Go have a listen and support some local music!

That's all for this week! I hope that keeps you going for the week ahead! See you all again next week for another serving of Stew!

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