Monday, 12 November 2012

Waterfall In Slow Motion

Yo wadup ma'nizzles!! Doyal here again.
I'm probably one of 3 people in the country that isn't writing exams so I get to play the host this week. I'm just hoping that everyone procrastinates and reads this post, giving me a fuller sense of achievement. So this week I've found some more alternative artists, not as mainstream as usual (I sound so hipster right now), but hope you enjoy it. If you don't, then you haven't listened properly or you're actually a deaf bear with great web-browsing skills.

1. Foals - Inhaler

We kick off this weeks tracks with the shiny, sparkling new single from the cosmically incredible English 6-piece, Foals. If you are a Foals addict like the rest of the world (including the Malawian president), then you'll be used to their last two albums which were full of clean-sounding, mathematical harmonies and melodies. This single has shifted the band into a bit more of a heavier direction, and it's incredible. Can't get enough of this song. The video is rated for explicit content so be warned.

2. Tennis - Origins

I'm not sure what this band was thinking when they named themselves after one of the world's most popular sports. Yeah, that doesn't really help when you try google them. This is what I call a 3rd-wheel-band, because it started out as a husband-wife duo with the drummer joining at a later stage. *Awkwaaard*. Anyway, I dig the catchy little chorus vibes in this song, I know you'll enjoy it too.

3. Emma Louise - Jungle

Here's one just for the girls. Emma Louise fits snugly into the Adele/Lana Del Ray mould, with a bit of Florence and the Machine mixed in there. The crooning falsetto chorus will be stuck in your head till next week monday, I can think of a couple moments when I've embaressingly belted it out in public. I really battled to find out anything at all about Emma, so I'll let her music speak for her instead. 

4. Absofacto - Punch Drunk on Black Mold

I was pretty stoked when I stumbled across this guy. Either this guy is a graphic designer or he has a genrous friend willing to do sick work for him. The graphics that he features on his YouTube videos and album artwork really express his music well, which has given him a sound identity as a musician (I feel like I'm writing an essay for uni!). Absofacto has secured a solid spot in my iTunes and I'm sure it'll be the same for you!

5. James Blake - Limit To Your Love

This song. I don't even know where to start. Despite the incredible lyrics, the actual song is ridiculous. There's a surprise at 0:55 seconds in to the track that will actually make your heart skip a couple beats. Try play this over a decent system, my iMac speakers can't handle it and it just frustrates me! Seriously, this will change your life. Listen. It's beautiful

Thanks for listening Stewdents, don't forget to vote at the top of the page!

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