Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all of you fantastic people who read this blog! The Weekly Stew turns 18 today in blog years (1 week = 1 year for those who aren't in the know). We were around back when Durban was cold, Matt Mole wasn't world famous and Dylan Royal was single...we really are an institution now. I'm still waiting for my government tender from JZ and Julius to arrive though, guess we haven't quite made an impression on that market!

One thing that I am very excited about is that we are embarking on a little side 'Stew' with the blog. In the next few weeks we are going to start chatting to the members of local bands, and we're going to get them to tell us 5 songs that influenced them and just why they find those tracks so exciting! We are super keen for this! Are there any specific bands you would like to hear from? Drop us a comment to let us know if there is!

Back to the reason that you have all turned your computers on today, not to work or go on facebook, but to peruse the latest edition of The Weekly Stew!

1. Biffy Clyro - Black Chandelier

Biffy Clyro have to be one of the most bad-ass rock 'n roll groups around today! I have been wanting to feature them for ages but they tend to make their music in a way that you need to listen to an entire album to appreciate it properly. That all changed with 'Black Chandelier', their new single off their forthcoming album, it is a single to make music lovers drool! It lulls you into a false sense of peace, until you realise a couple of minutes later that you can’t get the bloody thing out of your head. Biffy Clyro are Scottish and therefore they are spectactular, I may or may not have Scottish heritage. My Brother-In-Law saw these guys opening for Linkin Park a couple of years ago and he said that they outshone LP in every way, not a bad band to beat! So now go and enjoy some Scottish boys crooning to you!

2. Abbe May - Karmageddon 

Well this is a different sounding track from our usual offering. It's rather epic if I do say so myself. Abbe May is a West Australian coastal town girl who has brought the genre of doom-pop onto the airwaves! All I can say is that it is unnervingly good, I shouldn't like it but I love it. She has managed to combine smooth pop hooks with such a full and violent sound that its almost like a little bit of genius at work. Every time I listen to the track I love it more and I find new parts to it that I just hadn't heard before because there is just so much amazing stuff going on in the track! Her facebook page goes so far as to state that it sounds like 'Kylie Minogue on Acid', the weird thing is that I kinda agree! 

3. Swiss Lips - Danz

Swiss Lips come from just about the last place you expect a band with that name to come from...Manchester. I know right!? Why do some punks from Manchester call themselves Swiss Lips? Well only their parents can answer that one! Swiss Lips play a combination of fizzy, electro and dance-pop thrills that will light up your day no matter where you are or what mood you are in! They have been likened to Friendly Fires and have already begun to amass the same sort of mass following as FF in their native Manchester! 'Danz' is a killer track, it has some great hooks and features an old man doing a dance that rivals even that crazy Korean guy who all the 12 year old's go moggy over! 

4. Young Liars - Colours

Young Liars have been bookmarked on my computer since mid-year and I have been eagerly awaiting putting them on the blog for you guys to enjoy! The band is comprised of 5 Canadians who play some indie rock and a lil bit of synthpop in their spare time. I really enjoy how they have crafted 'Colours', it doesn't follow the conventional route that songs seem to take these days but it still has a great sound and vibe to it. The most startling feature for me is that the song never really seems to build up to higher things, this being said the entire song is rather huge in sound so the lack of ascension in sound doesn't really matter! 

5. Gold Fields - Dark Again

I don't know much about Gold Fields except that they are an Australian 5 piece that play a blend of dancey-pop that has captured my attention! A combination of clean vocals,  jangly guitar work and deeply moving drum work has laid the basis for success for this band. The entire 4 minutes and 41 seconds of Dark Again sounds awesome to me, they have managed to make a true chart topper and I hope they make many more! Ok I admit that this song is very poppy but I'm allowed to like at least a couple of pop songs, we can't all be the ultimate hipsters!


6. Foals - My Number

This week we have a little bonus for you! Another new Foals track, unfortunately its just a live recording but that doesn't stop it being epic! It takes me back to the older Foals sound that we all loved so much. If you go onto Youtube there is a live video which shows the actual band performing this live but for some reason that video won't embed onto the blog!

Well that's the end of our 18th edition, my how we have grown and yes we are still as cute as we were when we were 1! As always please vote for your favorite track and drop us a comment to let us know how we are doing! Till next week!

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