Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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Whatsup everybody! I'm back again, (don't all leave at once), and its time for another serving of stew to hit your screens, not literally of course (unless you are into that kind of stuff). I trust that Mr Royal treated you well last week in my absence? Exams are over so I am in a fantastic mood and I hope that all of you guys are too! Last week's voting said that the new Foals song was your favourite, I can fully agree, that track is crazy sick!!

Time for the first Stew of the holidays to begin!

1. Little Green Cars - The John Wayne

We start this week off with a little Irish Country-Rock, I actually heard this song for the first time last night but I already know most of the lyrics...The repeat button can be evil! 'The John Wayne' is the first single off Little Green Cars' debut album and it already has many people's tongues wagging at its absolute goodness! The 5 piece from Dublin have created a sound that varies from Arcade Fire and Band of Horses to a little bit of Mumford and Sons in the shade! From the moment the solid bass drum kick starts, you just get sucked into the music. It really is worth a listen!

2. Millions - Nineteen

Millions are a bunch of crazy garage rockers outta Brisbane in Australia who now play indie pop...that's not something you see everyday!? Garage rockers turned poppers. Well whatever they did it worked, they have managed to create a sound that reminds me of Franz Ferdinand in their prime, driving bass-lines and some stellar drum work really push the sound forward and the lead singer's vocals aren't half bad either! Definitely another band to look out for in the future!

3. Kingswood - She's My Baby

'Ooooooh She's my baby', that's what I have been singing at the most inopportune times over the last weekend and I have this song to thank for it! Enter 'Kingswood', the Melbourne blues-rock 4 piece that has been tearing up the airwaves for the last couple of months. They sound a little bit like Kings of Leon back in the day before their sex caught fire and they name Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age as their influences (Doyal is going nuts). One thing is for sure though, these boys don't mess around. Their sound is huge and so is their particular brand of rock 'n roll. I don't think these guys would have been out of place in the 70's. So get your hair extensions out and your tight leather pants ready to rock out to 'Kingswood'.

4. The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

The 4th track on this week's playlist comes from some Californian boys who have managed to create a sound that combines a little bit of pop, some rock and some hip-hop. Interested yet? Well you should be! These guys are this year's sound of summer, they pick up where Foster the People left off with their catchy beats and smooth vocals. Their music has a strong instrumental backing and tunes that will get stuck in your head for weeks on end. I really just feel my stress (yes students can be stressed) leaving my body as I listen to these guys weave their magical web of musical bliss!

5. Purity Ring - Lofticries

We end this week's playlist off with a Canadian electronic duo who have so many tags to their music that I will just choose a few of my favourites, they apparently play "Synth-pop, dream-pop, post-dubstep, witch-house, indietronica, futurepop". OK that is enough styles of music to last a lifetime! All that I know is that these guys are amazing at what they do, they take you to a whole new place with their music, it's so soothing yet at the same time you want to dance to it's weird and wonderful ways. Even I can't explain what that means! This is one of their best tracks and it will be probably your best spent 4 minutes of your day when you listen to it!

That's it for this week! I hope you guys are having fantastic holidays or if you aren't on holiday yet that this playlist brightens up your day somewhat! Don't forget to vote!

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