Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Definitive Pulse

Yes this is really a new blog post!? I'm just as shocked as you are, It's been almost 3 months since I last posted any tracks online for you to marinade over (That word totally works there right?). In those 3 months I have moved from my hometown of Durbs to Capetown to continue studying further, yes yes I am a nerd so no need to tell me that once again! I have around 60 to 70 songs which need to be posted online so here are the first 5 for you to peruse! (I have to admit that I wrote the rest of this post back in December so these songs may be a little old for some of you hipsters).

As always I have talked for far too long so its time for the music to begin...

1. Max Frost - White Lies

Max Frost has been writing music since he was 8 years old, when he finally made it into his teens (After 5 years of writing music) he decide that he was into old school funk and soul so he started incorporating those styles into his indie music. What we have today is a unique blend of indie and funk with so much soul it almost hurts. There is nobody else around that sounds quite like Mr. Max Frost! 'White Lies' starts off as a guitar ballad and develops into an up-tempo soulful look at a modern relationship and everything that comes with that. This track is is definitely one of my favourite cross-genre pieces that I have heard all year!

2. Julian Maverick - Good For Me

As soon as this track starts with its synth slide I start to do all of the dance moves that make my mates cringe and girls run for cover due to their utter cheesyness! As the song goes on my dance moves get even worse due to the vibe that this song brings with it, a sneaky bass line to gets your foot tapping and vocals to make you feel like you actually have the ability to dance (Which I don't). If you need to let off a little steam or go for a drive then this should be the first track on your playlist! Julian is a Melbourne native which makes him even cooler in my books!

3. Made In Japan - Definitive Pulse

'Definitve Pulse' is a good old fashioned indie rock 'n roll track! Its opening bars remind me slightly of 'Interpol' or even 'The National' with their laid back beats and definitive intrumentals that charecterise those two great bands. The track develops further with some good work on the high-hat and an epic riff here and there! I definitely want to hear more from these Sydney city slickers in the future.

4. Battleships - In Retrospect

I was sitting with my mate Dylan the other day just chatting about how many Australians are making amazing music and he told me to go on and check out 'Battleships', I had heard the name before but I had never really given them a proper listen so that day I did! Boy am I glad that I did, 'Battleships' have this understated sound that just encapsulates joy, class and exuberance, (OK I may have gotten carried away with a few big words there). In all honesty 'Battleships' sound amazing, 'in retrospect' is so well put together, the song just seems to flow flawlessly from intro, to verse, to chorus and then back to verse again! It's definitely worth a listen for everyone who enjoys a good indie rock ballad.

5. Royksopp - Running To The Sea (Feat Susanne Sundfor)

A new Royksopp track is always a reason to celebrate, this one even more so! 'Running to the Sea' is a classic synth-driven track with a back-breaking beat to go along with it. The vocals just add even more flavour to this peach of a track. In all honesty this track is right up there with the top ones of last year! I am surprised that it took so long to pop up on my radar (I must be getting lazy in my old age). Go listen and thank me later!

There will most definitely be a new post next week so come on back to your, once again, weekly dose of stew!

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