Monday, 24 February 2014

Classic Blends

Hello to all you avid 'stew-dents', I apologise but I truly am a sucker for a terrible pun! I hope that you have all had a great week since the last edition of The Weekly Stew. It really is a miracle that it is once again a 'weekly' playlist! This is what happens when you take my TV away...I suddenly become very productive! This week's playlist is much indier affair with a ton of indie-pop and reggae beats to keep you going throughout the week!

Its music time...

1. Wild Belle - It's too late

Oh how I love 'Wild Belle', their particular brand of psychedelic-reggae influenced-pop is so infectiously happy and groovy that I often find myself singing along in traffic and then dancing and then being hooted at by angry Capetonian women, (women tend to be very angry in the traffic in Capetown). The Chicago siblings actually played alongside Matt Mole when he played at the 100 club in London! 2 of my good mates (Here's looking at you Luke and Brad) saw them live and instantly fell in love...I skipped the seeing them live part and went straight to falling in love!

2. Nantes - Avid

Besides having a kick-ass name the 5 gents from Sydney who make up 'Nantes' happen to be making a habit of creating amazingly epic music! I have been a casual fan for a while but after hearing 'Avid' I was well and truly hooked! The track is layered full of verve and panache  and the lead singers vocals remind me ever so slightly of some of the early 'Interpol' tracks that remain anthems to this current day (At least to me they do)! Beyond anything else I would class 'Nantes' as a modern day 'The Cure'....there isn't much higher praise that I can give a band than that!

3. Pawws - Slow Love

Lucy Taylor aka 'Pawws' is my current celebrity crush! Her voice just entrances me and makes me fall in love. Other than that random fact I have to say that ' Slow Love' is one of the grooviest tracks I've heard from a female solo artist for a very long time! From around 18 seconds into the track the groovin' begins and then all hell breaks looks as the deep snyth beat kicks in to take the song to a whole new level. This seemingly innocent British girl has created a masterpiece of synth-pop for us to go wild to, all the while marveling at her pitch perfect vocals!

4. Cathedrals - Unbound

Cathedrals is just about the most excitingly mysterious thing to come out of San Francisco ever, so exciting that their trams don't even compare. The duo has managed to concoct such a pure unadulterated sound of soulful joy in their music, every time I listen to the soaring vocals and light synth-pop induced track, I can't help but be drawn into a new world of their unique creation. This is a perfect track for a lazy summers day in the garden!

5. Astronomyy - Drivin Me Crazy

Mmmmmmm. That's the expression that most people make after hearing an Astronomyy song for the first time! The Worcester based singer-writer-percussionist extraordinaire has this ability to put so many sneaky nuances and beats into a song while combining it with the perfect level of vocal ability to create one glorious track after another! One listen and you will be hooked into the soft and serenely beautiful world of Astronomyy, never to be seen listening to anything else ever again!

That's all for this week! I hope that you enjoyed this week's selection! Let me know if there are any tracks that you think I have missed out on! Till next week! SC

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