Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Slow Burner

Edition number 31 of The Weekly Stew is here!!

South Africa has been having hectic internet issues this past week so this week's post is going to be super short, literally just one line or so per track and the video for it!

I hope that you enjoy this change in format this week.

Onto the tracks...

1. Austra - Home

Canadian electro-goths 'Austra' have just announced the details of their second album which is due out in June, I'm excited for that one. The 6-piece, lead by Katie Stelmanis, recorded this album as an ode to classic dance music. 'Home' is the first single from the album, it takes cues from old school Chicago house!

2. Me and My Drummer - You're A Runner

Next up we have a band from Berlin that is known for it's unique blend of indie music and dream-pop. This was their first single that was released only last year. It slowly builds throughout to end out as  a real foot stomper and dance maker!

3. Rhye - The Fall

'Rhye' are a LA based indie duo whose two members are Danish and Canadian respectively, just like the rest of LA they aren't from there. Their debut album was released only this month. These guys have a real sense of mystery surrounding them which only adds to the sensual feel of their music as it grooves it's way into your life.

4. Active Child - Evening Ceremony

Yes that's right...there is a new 'Active Child' song out. At the time of writing it has only been online for around an hour. I have already listened to it around 10 times. It's fantastic, choir boy vocals and instrumentals in all the right to listen to. Definitely my track of the week!

5. Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune

The fifth track this week comes all the way from Australia, 'Flight facilities' provides our musical desert as they minister to us for 7 minutes, ministry is the best way to describe this song as it is a tour de force of music. It is minimalistic yet it manages to fill the space surrounding you until all that you have left is the song in your life! The best way to spend the next 7 minutes of your life is to listen to this song right until the end!

That's it for this week. It was quite a chilled playlist this time around, I blame the cold weather for that but I hope you enjoyed the change in style all the same! See you all back here next week for another great playlist!

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