Monday, 6 August 2012

Episode 2: Attack of the Tones

Welcome back to your guilty Monday pleasure. I trust that everyone has had an amazing week, despite that horror show on Saturday morning involving some big dutchmen, and that you're ready for another helping of music served out by The Weekly Stew.

I must say that I am super stoked about the response to the first blog post, I hope that it can carry on and that my standards can keep on rising to meet your demands.
Time to lay down the law.
On the Weekly Stew you aren't just going to have a list of the new play-listed tracks on 5FM every week, there will be a tendency towards more indie style music that you wouldn't get to hear on a daily basis, so get ready to listen to some funky-as beats. Along with this please don't hesitate to comment on the blog, whether good or bad, as I am learning about blogging and mistakes are bound to to be made. I want this blog to be as user friendly as possible, and just fun in general, so suggestions are welcome. On that note there have been some issues with blackberry users not being able to view the youtube videos posted along with each song write-up. We are working on this problem but for now it will be easier for you to use the blog if you access it from a computer and not your blackberry.

Well that's just about enough waffle from me for this week, lets get back to the reason you are here, the music...

1. The Drums - Lets Go Surfing

The first track this week comes from one of my favourite bands, The Drums. They're a 3 piece band from New York who are so indie it actually hurts. They really divide opinion and they're a band you either fall in love with or utterly hate. The thing they do well, is they manage to make songs that sound so happy and poppy, yet the lyrics are always bordering on depressing. Lets go surfing was their first big single and should give you a good introduction to the band. I warn you, it's chorus is ridiculously catchy.

2. Matt Corby - Brother

Matt Corby is another Australian gem. He is a former Idols runner-up, but don't let that scare you away. He has one amazing voice and in Brother, he uses that voice to its full potential. This is one amazing track that gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. The song starts off hauntingly and just develops into one massive growl of epicness towards the end. Definitely worth a listen.

3. Alt-J - Breezeblocks

Alt-J are a British alternative-indie-pop quartet (yes that was a mouthful for me aswell) formed in 2008. This is the first song of theirs that I've heard and I'm impressed. Breezeblocks has been one of the standout tracks so far this year. The song takes you back to a forgotten age where the music was rougher and oh so sweet to listen to. You won't so easily find another band that sounds like Alt-J in music today. They manage to have an earthy rhythm that just makes you want to listen to this track over and over again until you can sing along to it from start until finish.

4. Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High

One of the best band names in the industry, and one of the best live acts that I have ever seen.
This is what Architecture in Helsinki can lay claim to. Contrary to popular belief this band is not from Helsinki in Finland, they are actually from Melbourne in Australia. Only an Australian could come up with that name right? They play 80's-esq synth, dance music. That's the best description that I can come up with. In fact, I think whoever best describes these magnificent musicians will get a mention in next week's blog, so drop a comment at the end of the blog with your best Architecture in Helsinki description. Now go grab a thesaurus and listen to the song.

5. Art vs Science - parlez vous francais

The final song this week comes from yet another Australian band. Art vs Science was started as a joke by 3 mates. The joke turned into one of the funkiest and funnest bands to make music in the past few years. When their music starts playing you can't stop your body from moving to the beat and singing along. So get yourself ready to fall inlove with Art vs Science and don't blame me when you find yourself singing 'parlez vous francais' at the top of your lungs around the house.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Weekly Stew. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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