Monday, 8 December 2014

Sett the Beat

Stewdents! I am back in your midst, the corny jokes, lame innuendos and all round fun that comes with writing this blog has been sorely missed in my life this year! I am now a working man, studying is over and somebody was silly enough to think that hiring me would be a good idea...strange times abound! As I sit in the office staring at yet another report about how badly the global economy is doing I cannot but help myself as I start to daydream about that next amazing track that I will hear in the near future. It is a feeling that I am sure is shared by many of you who do me the courtesy of reading my musical ramblings. So without further ado I will give you your latest fix of musical madness.

1. GOVS - There Comes a Time

First up this weak we have the righteous masterpiece that is GOVS. Dreamy vocals overlaid with towering synth form the base as this song morphs your mind and gets those dear old feet out yours tapping. GOVS have managed to create a sound that easily transitions from half-beat to double beat and back again yet feels like it flows throughout in the easiest manner possible. These Australians really know how to throw a little synth party, I love me a little synth party and you should too!

2. Josh Wantie - Timekeeper

Next up we have something a little bit different, a guitar and vocal driven track from a local Durban talent and all round legend 'Josh Wantie', His latest track has got to be the pick of the bunch, it starts off sounding similar to a lot of singer-songwriter stuff that has been coming out lately but the song manages to captivate you with a melody that angels would be proud of and a sneaky little beat that gets the head bopping along, it has found its way onto my playlist that is dominated by indie-pop at the moment and that is no mean feat. It will find a snug little spot in your heart as Mr Wantie croons his way through your life.

3. HONNE - The Night

The middle of this week's playlist comes courtesy of the UK's HONNE, the duo have been putting together some rather inspired R&B lately, I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm just about as white as they comes, I pretty much define the expectation of a white man in South Africa...I look like Mr Bean when I dance, I love a spot of tennis on the weekend and I scream loudly at the TV during any sporting program where my team is playing (It doesn't help that I support Newcastle United who tend to lose more often than not). All this being said...even I feel that I can groove along to this stellar track from the duo. It exudes soul and sass and makes you get down and dirty with the beat while the vocals keep your head above water for a little bit of air to keep you grooving on. It was said best by another blogger 'they seamlessly blend sensual percussion, light synths, and evocative vocals to create another captivating down-tempo offering'. Go get your groove on!

4.  Dustin Tebbutt - The Breach

Another Australian makes his way onto one of my playlists. This haunting track comes courtesy of New England local, that's the Australian version of NE there, 'Dustin Tebbutt'. Apparently Mr. Tebbutt moved up to Sweden for 2 years to record music in the extreme cold...I for one am more fond of a sneaky cold beer on a sunny beach than the cold but I could never have scuplted the masterpiece that is 'The Breach'. The sprawling track carries the feel of the icy winter that morphs into a a beautiful spring as the song moves from verse to verse. It tells the story of a man coming back the warmth of the sun! Yeah I got deep there guys, don't hate now...once you listen you too will get all deep and 'feely' as well.

5. Albany Lore - The Cynic's Surrender

The final track this week is a powerful ballad from none other than Matt Rightford. Well the track pretends to be a ballad and then around 1 minute in it morphs into a symphonic orgy that is beautifully driven by vocals that manage to transcend the synth, sax various sounds that characterize this beautiful debut from a local lad. I cannot get over how beautifully this track is put together, it has pervaded my conscious and lodged in my brain for months on end. I cannot do it justice with words alone, it effortlessly takes you to another place altogether and oh boy that place is spectacular. I am waxing lyrical about this track because it is THAT good!

That's it for this week's playlist! See you again soon!

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