Monday, 28 January 2013

Noisy Colours

Hey gang,

Doyal here again with five tracks made by bands that are cool.
Hope you guys enjoy the tracks and that you've had a good weekend, seeing as it's been only 3 days since the last post (Stu you need to get your act together).
Enjoy the songs and stay classy.

1. Dave Matthews Band - Gaucho

DMB are one of those super experienced, incredibly musically tight, Hall of Fame bands that sell out stadiums wherever they go. Dangerous Dave himself was born in Joburg, South Africa but moved to NYC at age 2. This 22-year-old band was formed when Davo, (Doyal and Dave are apparently tight friends and have nicknames for each other), harvested some of the best local, underground jazz musicians to back him up. This is from their latest album "Away From the World".


I got introduced to these guys when the effervescant Matthew Mole dumped a folder onto my computer full of cool music. This song is from the Bon Iver mould; slow and captivating.

3. Churchill - Change

Honestly, I stumbled across these guys in the little suggested bar on the right hand side of a different YouTube video. INCREDIBLE music video though, you have to watch it and not just press play and walk away!

4. Foxygen - On Blue Mountain

These dudes are trying their hardest to recreate a modern-day Rolling Stones, and they most definitely pull it off. Although a little different for some, I really enjoyed this super indie vibe.

5. BlakRoc - Hope You're Happy (ft. Billy Danze, Nicole Wray & Q-Tip)

The Black Keys, magical band of beauty, were busy recording some golden tunes when Mos Def (American rapper), interrupted the session and recorded a song with them for fun. Then they were all like "Bros that was sick, let's do more!", so they recorded another 10 songs in the next 10 days with more rappers. Like I said, magic.

Hope you enjoyed this week, catch you next time on The Weekly Stu!

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