Monday, 22 October 2012

Like Walking On Fire

Hello and welcome back to the thirteenth edition of The Weekly Stew! I predict that the thirteenth edition will be extra lucky for us, I may be slightly biased in my analysis though. As of last week Tuesday we now have a Facebook page, yes we are that cool and no, I will not sign your computer screen. So go and like the FB page and your life might become just that much better. You would be surprised at how many people think this blog is about food, I have no idea why...we were even sent an invite to a foodie event to review it, lets just put it straight, this is a blog about music and nothing else!

Last week's voting had the result that 'Kings of Convenience'and 'The Augustines' were tied for favorite track, seems that you guys couldn't decide which was better either! The poll is on the top right-hand side of the page if you were battling to find it, remember to vote this week!

This week we have a kaleidoscope of music for you, there is no real theme except that these are all tracks which have got me loving life and they will hopefully do the same for you as we come into this hard time of the year where exams are written and deadlines are coming thick and fast!

1. Jake Bugg - Two Fingers

The first track this week comes from Jake Bugg, an 18 year old from Nottingham with precocious talent, OK I'm pretty sure that precocious fits in here but don't shoot me if it's wrong (It just sounds really cool). Jake plays a combination of folk and country and his voice reminds me of early Oasis mixed with some Beatles. It is thus needless to say that he sounds amazing, the combination of jangling guitar and his pure voice leads to a sound that is both fulfilling and inspiring. With a number 1 album behind him already and some great festival slots Mr Bugg is well on his way to success. What really comes through in his music is his love for music as a way to express his emotions. 'Two Fingers' really is a soulful number, as many of this week's tracks are. The music video for the song tells the story of how alcohol can ruin families in so many ways. Sit back, relax and let Jake minister to you today!

2. The Bamboos - I got Burned

Oh boy do I have a treat for you today, coming all the way from Australia we have a soulful and funky delight for you to partake in! Enter 'The Bamboos'...these Melbourne locals have been around since the year 2000 (so they are old by music terms). They claim to have 9 members so are more of a collective than a band, imagine keeping 9 musicians happy on a tour!? That would be hell! These guys were suggested to me by my dear brother-in-law Mr Chris Logie, he was desperate for a credit after I gave my sister one last week so I decided to throw him one like a good brother would do! 'I Got Burned' has kept me coming back for listen after listen due to the very soul of the song, it just gets to actually feel the groove of the beat and then the vocals come in and you go like 'oooohhh aaaaahhh yeeeeeah this is smooth'. I can't help but feel like I need to put on a dinner jacket and head out to get a cigar after listening to this particular number, 'Badass Stu' on the loose. Go get your groove on!

3. Kodaline - All I want

This one is probably going to be loved by the ladies more than the men in public but in private I think a few men may shed a tear or two as they listen to this song. 'Kodaline' are a quartet from Dublin so they possess that Irish accent that girls the world over go crazy for. These guys sound very much like Coldplay did in their early days. Before you abuse me I'm not saying that they are the next Coldplay, i'm just saying that they sound a little like them. They have some smooth vocals and some soothing melodies. What really drew me to them was the combination of the song and video for 'All I Want'. On it's own the song is sad enough, but along with the amazing video it is a real tear-jerker, I may or may not have had a little sniffle while watching the video for the first time. I won't make you wait any longer to enjoy the pureness of this combination so go on and have your tissues ready!

4. The Crookes - Backstreet Lovers

What would an edition of The Weekly Stew be without some British Indie Rockers in the lineup?? Well 'The Crookes' are here to cheer you up again after Kodaline sobered you up five minutes ago. These boys have been around since 2008 and are based in Sheffield, their name is actually taken from a suburb in Sheffield called 'Crookes (Big surprise there right?). They have long been touted as the next big thing in British music but for some reason they just haven't kicked on from their initial album. They have been described as playing a fusion of heartbreaking melodies inspired by 50's and 60's pop music - a great description that comes from NME itself (So I don't just make all of this stuff up). All I know is that the lead singer has a great voice, the guitarists write some rad riffs and the band as a whole creates some blissful music that manages to brighten up even a dreary day! A South African band from Cape Town called Al Bairre (who we featured a couple posts back) actually reminds me of The Crookes quite a bit, go find them on Facebook and support a local band!

5. The Preatures - Take a Card

This week's Stew is ended off by a blend of Gothic Soul and Rock n' Roll (wow that really rolls of the tongue). This blend is brought to you by 'The Preatures', the Sydney locals have been around since 2010 and have recorded two stellar EP's in that time period! The band is characterised by the strong yet seductive vocals that are belted out by the lead singer and these are supported by the growling guitar riffs that appear throughout their material. 'Take a Card' is a gloriously uplifting track, it starts off with some well chosen chords on the guitars and keys and develops throughout the song until the chorus is a veritable joyous occasion where the two singers voices work so well together. They are ably supported by some catchy rhythms that originate from the band behind them. This track is definitely one of my favorites of the last few months, I trust that it will be a soundtrack to your coming week as well!

That's all for the thirteenth edition of The Weekly Stew so I hope that you enjoyed this week's offering. Don't forget to vote for your favorite and find us on Facebook! Till next week then!

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