Monday, 15 October 2012

Blueberry Pancakes

I'm back! After a wonderful week of music from Doyal, who so graciously filled in for me, I am back to bring you your latest serving of Stew. Are you excited? Well I'm excited and thats all that really counts! There should be a celebration this week, not only because The Weekly Stew is back but also because the Parlotones are moving away, all the way to far, far-away America. That's just about the best news for the South African music scene I have heard in ages! Before I get into this week's shenanigans I have one last thing to say...if you enjoy this blog then I suggest you listen to Jon Savage's radio show on 5fm on Thursday nights, easily the best show on South African radio at the moment!

Since Doyal took you guys all the way to old school rock 'n roll last week I thought I would head towards the antithesis (good word right? Look it up cause it's cool) of that and bring you guys a few of my favorite chilled out, acoustic-ish type bands. They're the types of bands that you can study to, fall asleep to, chill by the pool to, or learn to sword-fight to. Ok the last one was a lie, but it could be pretty rad?

Let the funky music begin...

1. Tom Odell - Another Love

Tom Odell is a ridiculously amazing musician that I think is gonna be huge in the future. He has been wowing audiences around England this year with his unique blend of caressed piano playing and fiery, passionate vocals. It's a combination that instantly grabs your attention and makes you fall in love. Ok maybe it might only be the women who like blonde, skinny, Englishmen who will be falling in love (So most of the readers of this blog then). I first heard 'Another Love' last week while doing my usual scope of the latest tracks on the internet and instantly loved it. The song starts off just like any other piano ballad but progresses into so much more, there is a passion in his voice that is just so pure and full of fire that it pulls you into the music. That's why it easily made it onto the blog this week!

2. Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You

The second track this week comes from the legends themselves, the 'Kings of Convenience', I call them legends because they come from Norway and as we have ascertained before on this blog, Norwegians are amazing! I was first introduced to this indie-folk-pop duo by my dear sister, I call her dear because I love her for it. KOC have been on rotation in my car since I got my license. They really are royalty in this genre, their unique vocals and use of various instruments sets them apart as they create a veritable symphony of joy and relaxation in their songs. I found it so so hard to choose just one of their songs for you to listen to as they have 3 full albums worth of winners but I chose this one because of its rad music video which won best European music video in 2004, so go on and enjoy my Norwegian boys! (Little bit creepier than it sounded in my head but just go with it)

3. We Are Augustines - Chapel Song

We are Augustines are fresh. That's the first thing you need to know. The second thing you need to know is that they are fantastic. These Indie rockers are based out of Brooklyn in New York but they grew up in Detroit, all the band members were born in August so they decided to name themselves 'We are Augustines'. I guess that makes sense in a weird way. This band first came onto my radar last year when my other sister sent them my way. How amazing are my sisters?! The lead singer's voice is very different, different in a good way, its raspy nature manages to convey the pure passion that his lyrics expose as he talks you through his life. It also helps that they have some super catchy beats in the background. 'Chapel Song' is my favorite song of theirs, it tells the story of how the lead singers 'girl' is walking down the aisle in the chapel and how he reacts. The music video may or may not contain numerous couples pulling in while the band walks down the have been warned.

4. The Whitest Boy Alive - 1517

Contrary to popular belief this isn't a band full of ginger men, 'The Whitest Boy Alive' is fronted by one half of the duo that is 'Kings of Convenience', crazy right? Well you can instantly hear his vocals coming through as you groove to the chilled out beats provided by these white boys! The band met and formed in the mid 2000's in Berlin and have released two successful studio albums. You may even recognize this track from Fifa 2010, if you do then you obviously play far too much Fifa and you may be getting towards being The Whitest Boy Alive yourself! Sadly these guys don't seem like they are going to release anything new anytime soon so go on and partake in some musical dessert while it's here!

5. Fink - Pretty Little Thing

The final track this week comes from one of my favorite artists. Mr Fin Greenall (aka Fink), is a British singer, songwriter, guitarist,  producer and DJ who hails from beautiful Cornwall where the lanes are narrow and the women can actually drive. Fink plays a combination of blues, folk, acoustic-indie music and boy does he play it well. Fink is a proven cure for a hangover or headache, his moody melodies and artfully plucked chords on the guitar soothe you into a calm state of mind that prevails only as long as Fink keeps crooning into your ear. He is my drug of choice during exams and I recommend him to you aswell! I again found it hard to choose a single track of his to play for you guys but after chatting to a few of my mates I settled on this one, it is a winner! It's the type of track that makes grown men cry at its beauty and gets women to actually consider dating a ginger, although that last one wasn't very realistic. If you like it then please go listen to his other tracks, the title of this week's post actually comes from another one of his songs!

See you all again next week Monday!

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