Monday, 10 December 2012

Holiday Blues

Well howdy there folks! I'm very stoked to be writing this 20th edition of The Weekly Stew! I really didn't know if I would be able to keep writing this blog week in and week out but thanks to constant encouragement and some prodding along I have managed to do it!

Since it's the holidays I'm going to keep this week's blog post short as I know that you guys don't have time to sit in front of a screen for hours reading what I want to say. So without further time wasting it's time for this week's playlist to begin!

1. Crystal Castles - Wrath Of God

Crystal Castles are epic, they are huge and their sound is so unique that there literally is nobody who sounds like them, even though there are many who try. Crystal Castles are actually from Canada! The duo have been making music since 2004 and the lead singer Alice Glass is a favourite of Indie Kids the world over! The Duo are known for their ridiculous live performances and are characterised by their lo-fi and overall noisy sound. Quite honestly, I love them! This is the debut single off their latest album which drops next year! Enjoy!

2. Alpine - Villages

Alpine are a 6-piece band from Melbourne who released one of the albums of the year. They have managed to fuse synths with honeyed harmonies, hypnotic rhythms and bright beats to create a sound that is both unique and magical. I know that I write alot about Australian bands but these guys are one of the best that I have heard in ages, they really make my heart sing, I hope that doesn't sound as gay as I think it did. They have been compared to Phoenix and The XX. I chose Villages, which comes off their debut EP, instead of their other big hit 'hands' because the music video for 'hands' features numerous scantily clad women that I don't think my dear mother would approve of! 

3. Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights

To start off I have to give credit to miss Lucy 'The Zulu' Colepepper for sending the spectacular Gary Clark Jr. my way! Mr Clark impresses me no end, he has been called the future of Texas Blues for good reason. His music is so deep and meaningful throughout yet it maintains a cutting edge that just grips you as he winds his way through each and every magical song! Gary Clark Jr's trademark sound is that of his fuzzy guitars and his oh so smooth vocals that make married women swoon! You just have to listen to the swagger this man possesses, go do it now!

4. Django Django - Default

I actually don't know why it's taken this long for Django Django to be featured on this blog, I have been listening to their album all year! The London-based 4 Piece band have been getting plaudits all year long for their particular brand of art-rock. They get huge points for incorporating numerous African sounds into their music which gives it a unique and vibrant sound. Their debut album was so fantastic that it made it to number 26 on Rolling Stones' top 50 albums of 2012, that's no mean feat! 

5. King Krule - Rock Bottom

King Krule is actually an 18 year old British kid who makes ridiculously cool beats and has an abnormally deep voice for a British kid! King Krule took a while to grow on me but once it did I haven't been able to stop listening to his music. His style has been described as been a bit of New Wave, Darkwave and Dubstep Techniques. Its definitely worth a listen as this kid is only going to get better as he matures! Oh I forgot to mention that he's ginger, woah now!

That's it for the 2oth edition of The Stew! Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to vote for your favourite track on the top right-hand side of the page! See you all next week!

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  1. Cool blog. I would have voted for number 3 but the poll was closed.

    Thought I would recommend a couple of YouTube vids.

    One is by Tim pepper

    The other is by Jordan Barron!

    Both are in Nashville.

    Thanks again for the post.