Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Heyo guys!!! I'm currently scrambling to write this post between crazy amounts of economics lectures (How exciting right?!). I decided that my lunch break can be utilised for good things for once instead of stuffing my face as I love to do. You all deserve a new playlist to listen to and these bands in the playlist deserve more people listening to their stellar music. On another note...I'm still trying to act normal after seeing 'Foals' and 'Biffy Clyro' live this past weekend. I am quite confident in proclaiming that there was a collective 'wee' from the the crowd when 'Foals' started playing on Saturday night! Yoh it was crazy and I may have lost my mind, and dignity, for a couple of hours in a small valley surrounded by strangers. I love festivals for that very reason! 

1. Booklub - Western Hours

To start off the playlist we go local this week with a stunner of a track from 'Booklub', the Cape Town locals are fronted by 'Al Bairre' wild-child Nic Preen who manages to bring his natural exuberance to a sultry simmer throughout this moody track. 'Western Hours' could easily be the backdrop to a summer's evening drive with your mate that starts out chilled and just progresses into some crazy mayhem. The track builds from an easy chill to a crescendo of flying sax, guitar and vocals that mesh to create something rather beautiful. Ok enough gushing from me...go and make your life a lil better by having a listen to this track.

2. Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Flaws

The second track this week comes from Vancouver Sleep Clinic (VSC), they have actually been on the blog before way back in 2013 (We are halfway through March already. ..Yikes). 'Flaws' continues on from where their previous track left off, with an amazing aura of serenity. A busy day just seems to melt off your shoulders as you listen to the falsetto voice of the vocalist and the minimal backing beat eases out the crick in your neck from staring at a computer screen for too long! Well that's how I feel when I listen to this stunner of a track! I almost forgot to mention that the man who creates this magnificent music is only 17...yeah who else is feeling a lil lazy right about now!?

3. Mr Little Jeans - Good Mistake

My favourite singer is back!! WOOOOOO. Mr Little Jeans, who as you know if you have read this blog before can do no wrong in my eyes, dropped a new track called 'Good Mistake' a couple of weeks ago! She hasn't lost any of her magic touch and this is yet another artfully created track full of fun and pizazz with just a hint of complexity in the beat that makes you yearn to listen again and again if only to catch that subtle change in the harmony. Ok phew that was a long sentence. 'Good mistake' has all the ingredients for an indie anthem...a killer beat, sleek vocals, a sneaky hook and a subtle air of mysteriousness that comes along with a Norweighan female named 'Mr. Little Jeans'. Best yet, just wait until the bridge and you will realise why I have the biggest crush on this track!

4. Thomston - Midas

Next up we have a young man from New Zealand making killer pop beats with a darker tinge to them. I refuse to compare him to Lorde!! Just because they are from the same country does not mean that they are the same, that's like saying that 'Foals' and 'Zulu Winter' are the same...they aren't if you were wondering. Thomston has managed to create a sound of innocent pop with truly dark touches that really touch the soul. His voice really complements the simple yet effective beat and together it creates a truly unique sound that excites me for what is coming in the future!

5. Pigeon - Climbing Trees

The final track this week comes from Aussie 5-piece 'Pigeon'. The 5 piece has one of the funnest vibes, (yes I'm allowed to use that word on my own blog), that I have heard for ages and they always manage to improve my mood on a crazy day! It always astounds me how many quality bands come from Australia...what do they put in the water there!? 'Pigeon' don't have the most complicated sound in the world but what they do, they do strikingly well! A driving synth beat and some slick vocals combine to make this a definite in your playlist for that day that just seems to go on forever.

Well that's about it for this edition! I hope you enjoyed this week's playlist! I will be back with a new one when I can sneak a break from varsity! Have a great week everyone and don't forget to enjoy your stew!