Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Showstopping Madness

Hey to all of you music lovers! Thanks for coming back every week to check out the playlist, it really means so much that you guys enjoy the tracks I put out every week! I apologise that the blog is a little late this week, it's just been a really hectic period of time for me so I haven't had a moment to get to the blog until now, due to this the write-ups will be super short this week. I hope that you enjoy it!

Onto the playlist...

1. The 1975 - Sex

'1975' and 'Sex' in the same title, yes this is going to be epic! Think alternative Manchester rock produced by the likes of 'Foals' and 'Arctic Monkeys' and you have 'The 1975' I'm excited! Enjoy!

2. Wild Belle - It's Too Late

'Wild Belle' play a fusion of psychedelic pop and reggae mixed in with a little bit of Ska which ends up sounding like a little slice of heaven. Soothing and groovy is what you get from these siblings who originate from around Chicago!

3. Dan Croll - From Nowhere

Some of my friends were lucky enough to see Dan Croll in London and they fell in love instantly, I have since joined them in their love for this band, with a groove to die for and an interesting array of instrumental sounds this band is unique to a whole new degree, unique is amazing in this case! Do yourself a favor and have a listen!

4. Josef Salvat - This Life

Enter this year's 'Gotye', at least that's what a few industry experts are saying about this Australian singer songwriter. Others say that he sounds like a male version of 'Lana Del Rey'. All I know is that I like what I have heard so far. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

5. Eliza And The Bear - Upon The North

These guys are going to go huge this year! That is a fact...boy am I glad that their music landed up on my lap because it is fantastic. It is a fresh take on the folk scene, full of joy almost to the opposite degree of serene sadness that 'Arcade Fire' evoke in their songs. You can't listen to these guys and stay in a sad mood, trust me on that because that literally just happened to me. Listen and light up your life and remember these guys so that when they go big you claim that you heard them and loved them first!

Thanks for stopping by! I will see you all again next week for another spectacular edition of The Weekly Stew!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hide and Seek

We're back!

Yes it's the start of another crazy week in the world and we are back to make it just that little bit easier as we provide the playlist to your lives! Thanks to everybody for the fantastic response to last week's post! It seems that local really is where the heat is as people went crazy for "The Aztec Sapphire" and their track which made it onto last week's playlist...In the voting it won y a landslide as it took over 70% of the votes!

Now onto this week's playlist...

1. Phoenix - Entertainment

Well this is the latest music from Phoenix, it actually was only released a few hours ago! I dig it, it's Phoenix at their very best. Simply put, it has the beat to make hearts melt, lyrics to make an old man smile and the tempo to set off a student party. I really have missed "Phoenix" over the last few years. I mean they pretty much define the genre of 'Francophile-pop' and if you have a genre pretty much named after you then you know that you are good! Sit back and relax and enjoy the new "Phoenix.

2. Birds Of Tokyo - Lanterns

BOT are a 5 piece from Perth in Western Australia who have been delighting audiences with their music since way back in 2004! I love their sound, it's the type of music that you can listen to throughout a long day of studying or driving...beautiful melodies and well crafted chorus's which don't overpower but are just a joy to listen to all day! 'Lanterns' is the first single from their latest album which comes out on the 1st of March, be sure to get yourself a copy, it's going to be fantastic!

3. Panama - It's Not Over

Enter 'Panama', once just a country and now a full blown band that comes from the magnificent city of Sydney, typical Aussies just using a country's name for their band. 'Panama' makes music that is soaked in 80's pop elegance and just feels like it's the sound of summer...You can't be mad or sad while you listen to this song. It starts off slow and builds throughout until you begin to feel a smile on your face, that's the beauty of music like this! 'Panama' are definitely going onto my playlist in the future. The lucky people who live in Melbourne and read this blog could have seen Panama on Friday (The Lucky-asses).

4. Daughter - Still

We come to the slow and sad part of the playlist, 'Daughter' has provided us with yet another slow burner that gets the pulse beating slow and deeply while the tear ducts begin to stir. I have so much love for 'Daughter' as I have said on this blog before so I will spare you my sentimentality's. This track just makes me stop and take note of what I have in my life, it connects with the soul. That's all I can really say about it without doing it an injustice.

5. Beatenberg - 'The Sultan Of The Economic Cafe' 

We end off this week with one of my favourite South African bands. These guys really are making world class music. I was chatting to a friend last night and I told them that I had just been put into such a great mood because local musicians are making music that is this fantastic. For those of you that don't know them, 'Beatenberg' are 3 Cape Town lads who have been making music together for the last few years, thank you Cape Town. My only question is why these guys haven't made their way to Durban recently to ply their wares?? Go on and lighten up your day with these local lads! 

Thanks to you all for popping in for yet another week of musical madness! Don't forget to vote for your favourite track and let us know if you have any songs that you think could make it into The Weekly Stew! See you next week!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Summer's Blend

Well hi there to all of you, my wonderful Stew'dents (See what I did there). I trust that you have all had amazing weeks and that you are hungry for a fresh serving of stew to lighten up your lives!

I started honours this week, yeah I know right...who would choose to do honours? Guess I'm just a sucker for punishment! Don't you worry though, I will still be providing you with musical goodness on a weekly basis!

Music time...

1. Haim - Don't Save Me

If I could I would probably date all 3 of the sisters that make up 'Haim' at the same time and then make them sing their 80's pop inspired songs to me all day long! I have given 'Haim' a ton of love on this blog before so i won't go on for too long this time. Suffice to say that this song has that essential element which makes all good songs makes you want to know the words so that you can sing along as you bop to the beat! Don't complain to me when this one gets stuck in your head for days on end!

2. Boy & Bear - Rabbit Song

I can't believe that I had forgotten to put 'Boy & Bear' on this blog. They are without doubt one of my favourite bands, so what if I have a lot of those. I was lucky enough to see them at Big Day Out in Melbourne in 2012 and they were amazing! Their music is so pure and Earthy and their lead singers voice just complements it all to make them the full package! I wouldn't be surprised if their next album goes huge.

3. Young Kato - Break Out

From the first bar this song really captures your attention. They use the synth to perfection and then their lead singer's voice, which is very unique, caresses your ears till you don't want them to stop playing. The next time I make it across to the UK I plan on making a trip to see these Birmingham locals ply their trade. I'm sure that you will love them too.

4. Thomas - Sunshine

Oooooooh yeah! This one is for all of you disco-funk lovers. 'Thomas' is guaranteed to get you shaking those hips you deny you have and doing decidedly interesting dance moves in your bedroom, it can't just be me who does that? These guys have a little bit of 'jamiroquai' in their sound and I LOVE myself a 'lil bit of 'Little L'. It's time to get your dance on!

5. The Aztek Sapphire - Visitors

We end off this week with a little local track by a new band out of Cape Town. I don't know much about these guys except that their first gig was in a house and I may develop a huge crush on them if they continue to make music like this. The song may seem long but it is worth all 9 minutes of listening! I would hazard to describe them as playing a Cape Town inspired version of indie-pop with a touch of class. Their music does remind me of a lazy summer's afternoon chilling by the pool, that's a good thing! Go have a listen and support some local music!

That's all for this week! I hope that keeps you going for the week ahead! See you all again next week for another serving of Stew!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Soulful Sessions

The holidays are coming to an end but never fear for The Weekly Stew will continue to delight your senses with our array of musical treats. What Doyal failed to mention was that the blog was only late two weeks ago because he forgot to write his post....yeah stop slacking Doyal! 

This time last year I was in Melbourne at Laneway festival partying like a crazy this day that is still one of the best experiences of my life so if you ever happen to be in Australia at the beginning of February then go along and partake in the fun! They really do have the best new bands every year!

With that said it is now time for the playlist to begin

1. Bahamas - Lost In the Light

We start off this week with a little bit of a slower number that has soul in abundance. This slow burner from 'Bahamas' is a delight for the ears and always manages to take me to the idyllic place where the sun is shining and I'm lazing my day away on a beautiful beach just watching the world go by my little slice of paradise. 'Bahamas' is the solo project of Afie Jurvanen, a Toronto based musician who used to sing backing vocals and play the keyboard for 'Feist'. Oh boy am I glad that he decided to do a solo project because I love his music! It even has a little bit of 'M.Ward' in it's melodies. Enjoy.

2. Elliphant - Down On Life

Enter the electro-indie-reggae-pop section of this playlist! Yes that was an extended musical tag, it's my blog so I'm allowed to do that! That's not all though, this is all brought t you by a fire breathing, real-life Swede who has been transforming the world, at least a small portion of it, with her infectious beats and fusion of reggae into Scandinavian pop. The rhythm of this song constantly shifts from dub to needling sonar pips and back again. All I can say is, that in a really weird way this song works. It just seems to grab your attention and yank you in. Let me know what your take on it is.

3. Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

It is no secret that I love Tame Impala, actually it's getting closer to worshiping the Aussie gents as they release gem after gem of their psychedelic magic! Yet again they have created something beautiful with 'Mind Magic'.I know that everyone says it, but they really do sound like 'The Beatles' of today, it's a big claim but they haven't let their fans down yet! This latest video is a little weird and should carry a parent advisory for it's content. It takes a new angle on the common story of a student falling in love with his teacher, but it has quite a twist which you will have to watch to see! 

4. Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows

'Yukon Blonde' could only be from one place on Earth with a name like that, the Canadian quartet have been making music together since 2005. These Indie Rockers play a style of music that is easy on the ears yet fills the soul. Wow I seem to be very soulful today. When I hear this song I just feel that their music is so honest and pure that it really makes the sun seem to shine brighter and the worries melt away. One could even say that they have a retro rock sort of sound which has been winning them numerous fans the world over. Now let 'Yukon Blonde' take your worries away.

5. Now, Now - Thread

This week we end off with something a little more rough around the edges, buzz saw guitars and stellar base riffs lead the way as the indie- rock 3 piece that is 'Now, Now' minister to us in their own special way. 'Now, Now' are special in the fact that both their lead singer and their guitarist are females, I think that is rather epic! it really gives them a unique sound that seems to slam you in the face as the song starts off with a wall of sound, then develops into vulnerable verse and yet another powerful chorus. It is well worth a listen!

Bonus Track!

6. Kings Of Leon - My Party

I thought that I would leave you with one of my favourite KOL songs, I really cannot understand why it was never released as a single by the band! I can literally sing the chorus of "She's at my party" at the top of my lungs all day long! Seriously though, it is without doubt one of their best songs! I only do this because I love you all enough to share it with you!

I hope that you all enjoyed this week's playlist and that I will see you all here again next week for another helping of Stew. Don't forget to vote for your favourite track on the top right hand side of the page.